Anti-fascist Group Reportedly Arrested for Playing Soccer Deserve Justice

Target: Jenny Durkan, Mayor of Seattle

Goal: Issue apology for allegedly arresting people playing soccer in the park, drop the charges and penalize responsible officers.

Seattle Police reportedly arrested seven people for playing soccer in the park. Several days before Christmas, a group of anti-fascists hosted an “Anti-fascist Soccer Game” in Cal Anderson Park. Shortly into the game, the police broke the event up and made arrests. The soccer game was organized by local activists who had been participating in BLM and anti-eviction defense protests.

The game of soccer was meant to be a team-building exercise and a way to blow off steam during a stressful time. Seattle Police seemingly decided that this wasn’t okay and broke up the friendly exhibition match. There are several reports of other people playing soccer in the park earlier that day, without police interference. This is an apparent breach of civil liberties and these are seemingly targeted arrests against political dissidents.

Sign below to demand an apology from Seattle’s Mayor and that all the charges are dropped.


Dear Mayor Durkan,

Seattle’s police have been seemingly brutalizing protesters all year long during the recent uptick in BLM protests. Protesters have reportedly been shot at, tear gassed, maced, and arrested repeatedly for standing up for civil rights. In their most egregious act yet, they’ve seemingly arrested seven protesters who weren’t even protesting– they were playing soccer.

The only apparent crimes that the arrestees committed were being openly anti-fascist and wearing black bloc. Nowhere in the state or city legislation does it say that being dressed in all black and opposing fascism is illegal. Yet, the police’s actions seem to indicate otherwise. I demand an immediate apology and the dropping of all charges, along with penalization for the officers found responsible of any wrongdoing.


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Photo Credit: Kelly Kline

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