Don’t Let Weapon Manufacturers Buy Votes in Congress

Target: Washington U.S. Representative Adam Smith

Goal: Divest from war and stop accepting campaign contributions from weapon manufacturers.

Last year more than $350 billion allocated to the Pentagon went straight to military contractors. Meanwhile, the U.S working class struggles to survive the pandemic with minimal government support. Congress had an opportunity to cut the Pentagon’s budget by 10%. Representatives who voted “no” on this amendment received 3.4x more in campaign contributions from weapon manufacturers, one such representative was Rep. Adam Smith (WA). 

So long as the votes of our representatives are purchasable to the highest bidder, the American people will continue to finance the war machine while our schools, healthcare, social services and community resources suffer. Representatives in Congress must be held accountable to vote in the best interest of the people whom they represent. Sign this petition to demand that Representative Adam Smith take a pledge to refuse future financial contributions from weapons manufacturers. 


Dear Representative Smith,

I am writing to express my disappointment in your vote against cutting the Pentagon’s budget by 10%. While billions of dollars in tax revenue are being spent on hyper militarization, working U.S. citizens are being denied the support they need to survive. Your constituents are not oblivious to the campaign funds you have accepted from weapon manufacturers. As a representative in Congress, you answer to the people. So long as you are accepting financial contributions from weapon manufacturers, you can not be trusted to vote in the best interest of the American people whom you represent.

It is unseemly how much of our tax revenue is allocated to excessive militarization while U.S. citizens are being denied the support necessary to meet their basic needs. The U.S is a nation devastated by poverty, inequality, and mismanagement of resources. 

Weapon development has been over funded at the expense of our citizens’ well-being and quality of life for too long. We are over militarized and undereducated. We have easier access to guns than we do to healthcare. Accepting campaign contributions from weapon manufacturers compromises the integrity of your vote. It is for that reason that I must demand you pledge to refuse campaign funds or any form of financial persuasion from military contractors or the NRA. 


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Photo credit: Anton Holoborodko

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