Stop Taxing Menstrual Products Permanently

Target: California Governor Gavin Newsom

Goal: Make menstrual products permanently tax exempt in California.

California passed a two year tax exemption for menstrual products, after which the state sales tax will be reapplied to these basic health and hygiene necessities. Women all over California will continue to menstruate, whether or not they have access to menstrual products- as they have long before this two year tax exemption, and they will long after. 

Taxing products that half of the population are consistently dependant on and the other half never has to think about- is an act of discrimination. Menstrual products are a necessary part of women’s access to engage in their school, work and communities. Furthermore, access to menstrual products is crucial for women’s health and safety.  A two year tax exemption is simply not enough. Sign this petition to demand that menstrual products be sold tax free permanently. 


Dear Governor Gavin Newsom,

Passing a two year tax exemption for menstrual products is a nice gesture, but it is not enough. Menstrual products are a basic necessity for half of the population. Applying sales tax to these products is an act of discrimination based on sex- therefore it is illegal and unconstitutional. I must insist that you recognize that menstrual products are essential and make them tax exempt permanently. 

You said yourself that making menstrual products tax exempt is “the right thing to do,” so why stop at two years? Women will continue to need menstrual products long after this two year grace period. Women’s health, hygiene and access to work and education will still depend on their ability to acquire safe menstrual products. By deeming these necessities a “luxury item” the state is putting half the population at greater risk of poverty, infections and disease. 

Incarcerated citizens, students, homeless women and low income women who are dependent on subsidy programs need menstrual products to be recognized as essential in order to access them. By failing to classify them as basic necessities, the state severely limits the contributions of half the population and by doing so, stunts the health and prosperity of the state as a whole.  So long as women bleed, menstrual products must be tax free. 


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