Stop Destroying Wildlife Habitat to Maximize Timber Sales

Target: Washington Department of Natural Resources, Scott Sargent- Regional Manager

Goal: Cancel the Smuggler Timber Sale to protect old growth and wildlife habitat.

The sale of timber threatens 100-150-year-old trees, as well as healthy, complex wildlife habitats. The Washington Department of Natural Resources (Wa-DNR) approved this this transaction, dubbed the Smuggler Timber Sale, before the old growth assessment was made available. Environmental organizations have urged the DNR to cancel it for a multitude of reasons including the plans to “convert” the riparian forest along Beaty Creek to conifers; a project that threatens already endangered salmon populations, compromises water quality and increases likelihood of landslides.

By following through with the Smuggler Timber Sale, the Wa-DNR will be destroying a healthy watershed, and a much needed complex ecosystem to replace it with a matchbox timber plantation. There are no ecological benefits to this project- the only motive is revenue. While the Habitat Conservation Plan of 1997 claims that the DNR is responsible for protecting old growth and wildlife habitats in state trust lands, the Wa-DNR continues to neglect said responsibility in favor of generating profit. Sign this petition to demand that the Washington Department of Natural Resources cancel the Smuggler Timber Sale, stop logging old growth, threatening endangered species, destroying wildlife habitats and compromising the ecological integrity of our state trust lands. 


Dear Mr. Sargent,

The Smuggler Timber Sale includes old growth as well as wildlife habitats, which you are responsible for protecting according to the goals set by the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP.) Logging this section of the Capital State Forest is in direct contradiction with the interests of the HCP. Approval of this project before the old growth assessment was made available is a serious act of mismanagement of this invaluable ecosystem. 

It is also important to mention that the plans for “conversion” of the riparian forest along Beaty Creek from hardwoods to conifers has potential to further threaten already endangered salmon populations, as well as reducing the lands ability to store ground water and increasing the likelihood of landslides. The Smuggler Timber Sale is a detrimental act of mismanagement. The critical information regarding this sale that has been withheld from the public puts to question the integrity and guiding motives of Wa- DNR.  I must demand that you cancel your agreement with the Murphy Company and immediately put a stop to this project.


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Photo credit: Aapo Haapanen



  1. Manuela Lopez says:

    I think, killing our source of oxygen is not very smart.
    But than that’s just me

  2. jackie Pflucker says:

    There is so much evil in this world that it looks as though men do not stop to think that the earth could come to an end!

  3. Gabriela Torres says:

    Nowdays men are so ignorant and conceited that they don’t stop to think for a minute the consequences of destroying the natural habitats.

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