Don’t Hide Critical Information on Massacre That Took 51 Lives

Target: Sir William Young, Chair of the Royal Commission of Inquiry Into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch Mosques

Goal: Reveal full findings of Christchurch terrorist investigation and bring peace to families.

Dozens of families were plunged into unimaginable grief when a white supremacist mercilessly opened fire on two New Zealand mosques in 2019, killing 50 human beings. The Christchurch massacre stoked calls for change and ultimate accountability. Muslims around the country pinned much of their hopes for justice and reform on an extensive investigation and a report carried out by the royal Commission of Inquiry. While hoping for answers and some measure of peace, survivors and advocates instead got the equivalent of a door slammed in their faces.

Transparency has previously been a hallmark of New Zealand government business, but this particular investigation remained under a veil of secrecy since its inception. The Commission finally released its report…and sealed much of the evidence and findings from public view for 30 years. This highly suspect move was a slap in the face to the many human rights groups and Muslim advocates who had spent years warning the government about the very threat that rained down upon Christchurch. The full report would have given a clear accounting of the circumstances leading up to the massacre, recommended solutions for preventing another similar tragedy, and—perhaps most motivating in sealing certain records—served as an indictment on forces in government that may have contributed to the crisis.

Sign the petition below to demand New Zealand’s leaders come clean with the people on one of the darkest moments in the country’s history.


Dear Sir Young,

The long-anticipated royal Commission report on the Christchurch massacre has—much like the inquiry itself—been shrouded in non-transparency and secrecy. We know the report includes strong condemnations about government inaction and a lethal over-emphasis on “Islamic terrorism” over other imminent threats. What we do not know is the specific individuals most responsible for this deadly combination or the critical chain of evidence that underlies the recommendations made by the commission.

The many grieving families and countless individuals who still fear for their safety deserved much more than sealed records to be opened in 30 years. This maneuver seems less about protecting witness identities and more about shielding complicit politicians from responsibility. Help New Zealand truly heal with full disclosure.


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