Provide Funding for Under-Supported Park Lands

Target: Joe R. Biden, President-elect of the United States

Goal: Demand full funding of essential parks and wildlife in accordance with the law.

Despite public support, the Trump administration has failed to support wildlife and conserved lands throughout the United States, threatening countless species, ecosystems, and even jobs. The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), established in 1965, has protected vast swathes of the United States from environmental destruction, and enjoys broad support among voters of both parties. When President Donald Trump signed into law the Great American Outdoors Act, permanently funding the LWCF with $900 million annually, it was hailed as a landmark win for the environment.

However, the law contains critical flaws, including a provision which allows local authorities to veto LWCF-funded projects, frustrating conservation efforts. Additionally, Congress has only twice appropriated the planned full amount despite evidence that large-scale expenditures can double their return on investment and create thousands of badly-needed jobs.

Fortunately, the Great American Outdoors Act guarantees funding, but it falls to President-elect Joe Biden and Congress to ensure that this actually happens and that restrictive clauses like the local veto power are removed. Sign the petition below to urge that this be done to protect wildlife and nature for generations to come.


Dear Mr. President-elect,

Your predecessor earned widespread applause when he signed the Great American Outdoors Act into law. Sadly, that decision seems to have been little more than political posturing, as scant funding has been secured and dozens of conservation projects have been canceled at the local and federal levels.

The environmental and economic benefits of conservation are well-known, and Congress could scarcely make a better investment than this one, but it could all be for nothing if the promised funding doesn’t appear. I urge you to secure this funding by any means necessary to fulfill Washington’s promise to the United States and to protect stunningly diverse and irreplaceable natural heritage.


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Photo credit: Terry Foote

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