Save Dogs From Horrific Deaths in Cruel Body-Grip Traps

Target: Tim Walz, Governor of Minnesota

Goal: Prohibit the use of traps in recreational areas to prevent dogs from being injured and killed.

Multiple dogs die every year when they wander into traps set by hunters. These deadly body-grip traps are set up for small mammals and baited with enticing foods. After a hunter lost his pet to one such trap, he has made it his mission to change the laws and protect other dogs from the same fate.

“It happens every year. It’s going to happen this year. Someone’s dog, someone’s pet, or their favorite hunting dog, is going to die in a trap,’’ said John Reynolds, of Merrifield. His beloved springer spaniel, Penni, was caught in a body-grip trap set for a bobcat and died painfully. She was just one of several that perished that year, thanks to Minnesota’s lax laws regarding trapping. Currently, hunters can set traps anywhere they please, even on private property, without marking them with signs. This puts not only dogs in danger, but also children who may be on a walk in a recreational area.

Bobcat hunting season has officially begun, which means dogs are in danger now. Sign this petition to demand that Minnesota’s governor make it a priority to protect the state’s pets from further harm.


Dear Governor Walz,

Body-grip traps are responsible for multiple dog injuries and deaths every year. This is due to Minnesota’s lax laws regarding the use and marking of these deadly devices. You are in a position to change these statistics and save lives.

Currently, it is legal to place a body-grip trap in recreational and privately owned wooded areas where families take walks and domesticated pets roam. These traps do not need to be marked with a sign, giving locals no warning. This is unacceptable and extremely dangerous not only to dogs, but also to children. By prohibiting the use of traps in highly frequented places and requiring clear identification, lives can be saved.

I demand that you reconsider the laws regarding trapping and encourage their enforcement for the safety of all.


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  1. Milantia Roy says:

    Dear Governor Walz,
    In my humble opinion, it seems to me that it is time to pass a law that protects animals against the cruelty and constant abuse to which they are subjected daily, and that this law stipulates a 10-year sentence and a fine.
    Wouldn’t you be the hero who would submit the bill to Congress?
    Thank you!

  2. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    Human cruelty has no limits unfortunately

  3. This horrific trap should be outlawed, period. It is unimaginably cruel and painful and traps anything that happens to be enticed by the ‘goodies’ placed in it to attract wildlife. Wildlife does not need to be managed this way and unintended animals are killed by these as well. It’s 10th century thinking in 2020 and needs to be outlawed.

  4. Gloria Navan says:

    This is barbaric … for the threat to humans and animals. Trapping is torture for animals. There is no way around it…it has no place in 2020.

  5. Neal Greenberg says:

    I want all the fucking pussies fucking cunts that trap animals to have the most fucking painful fucking deaths fucking possible.

  6. Trapping and hunting need to be outlawed. There is no good purpose to this at all. Anyone that runs afoul of the new law will be sent to prison for a minimum of 15 years or more.

  7. BAN THIS AND ALL ANIMAL TRAPS NOW!! Passing a law like this would never happen under animal hunter loving Trump – perhaps Biden/Harris administration will reverse some of the animal protection laws that have been heartlessly demolished by this presidency. And maybe then we can continue the fight for animal rightss; abuse, cruelty and murder. The punishment should be no less jail time than if these abuses were done to a child or another human being. In fact its worse, these animals are completely defenseless. It will forever boggle my mind that animal abuse laws aren’t created and treated exactly the same as people abuse/murder laws. ABUSE IS ABUSE – PAIN AND SUFFERING IS PAIN AND SUFFERING. IT’S A LIVING BREATHING LIFE THAT SOMEONE IS HARMING…and there should be no legal difference if it’ a 4 legged animal or a 2 legged one. Stiffer and ENFORCED penalties are the only way sick minded people will think twice before harming an animal. As It stands now, it’s a slap on the wrist – so who cares. One day this will all be different, I hope I see it in my lifetime. Please take a stand for all animals and BAN these horrifically painful barbaric traps NOW!

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