Prohibit Dogs from Being Surgically Disfigured

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Make tail docking, ear cropping, and elective surgery for dogs illegal in Canada.

Every year, thousands of puppies undergo painful, unnecessary elective surgeries like tail docking and ear cropping. Tail docking involves cutting off part or all of a dog’s tail without anesthetics. Meanwhile, an ear cropping involves chopping off the floppy part of the ear and taping it to a flat surface for several weeks. Join this petition to speak out against this animal abuse.

Tail docking and other unnecessary procedures are usually done on very young puppies. Supporters try to justify these tormenting surgeries by claiming the puppies are not affected because they are too young, but studies have shown the damage caused to the vulnerable nervous system alters how the animals perceive pain for the rest of their lives. The maimed dogs have been found to be more susceptible to incontinence, and are psychologically damaged because their ability to communicate with other dogs is impaired since they cannot show anger or excitement by tail wagging.

Many countries around the world ban or heavily restrict dog cosmetic surgery. However, Canada’s animal welfare laws are some of the weakest in the world, and the country needs to start making drastic improvements in the lives of its animals. Provincial legislation has been implemented across the country banning or regulating cosmetic dog surgeries, yet the federal government fails to act on behalf of animal welfare.

Sign this petition to compel the government to implement laws against tail docking, ear cropping, and all elective pet surgeries.


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Canada needs to implement laws that better protect the lives of animals in the country. Begin by banning elective surgery on dogs.

All cosmetic surgeries, such as tail docking or ear cropping, unnecessarily expose a dog to physical and psychological damage for the rest of their lives. Dogs who have been mutilated like this have a permanently damaged nervous system, suffer from incontinence, are more susceptible to tumors, and are unable to properly express their emotions.

Veterinary associations almost unanimously disagree with pet cosmetic surgeries on the grounds that they do not benefit the animal, but are done merely for the owner’s satisfaction. Most provinces have enacted their own legislation restricting elective modifications, but this matter needs to be made illegal at a federal level. Canada’s animal welfare laws are pathetic, and it is appalling that animals are allowed to be operated on for human enjoyment.

I urge you to stand up for animal rights and make laws that protect them from elective surgical mutilation.


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  1. Alice Knight says:

    Mr. Trudeau, How difficult is it to make animal cosmetic surgeries illegal across the country? I realize there is a lengthy process and I know most issues are not black and white. But, when there are animals who suffer in pain and are traumatized from these painful procedures all for the sake of an owner wanting this pet ready to show or wanting their pet to appear aggressive is unacceptable.

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