Stop Dumping Toxic Chemicals in Rural Ditches

Target: Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks, Alberta, Canada

Goal: Ban pesticide and herbicide application to rural ditches.

Rural municipalities dump toxic chemicals into rural ditches in a futile attempt to control weeds and brush. This chemical concoction contaminates the ground and water year after year with unseen detrimental results.

Most of the herbicides and pesticides that are used are so hazardous that they require special certification to handle. These substances have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues such as infertility and miscarriages, attention deficit disorder (ADD), neurotoxicity, and endocrine disruption.

Similar health problems are caused in wildlife. Frogs, mammals, fish, and insects are all negatively affected by these chemicals, and it has damaged the singing ability of some birds. Even minuscule doses are sub-lethal to bees, causing issues with mobility, feeding, and navigation.

Most rural municipalities already practice mechanical management solutions for ditches such as mowing, brushing, or mulching. It is time to put resources into these non-damaging practices and stop using chemical treatments. Spraying of the ditches is a cosmetic practice that has profound negative effects. Join this petition to stop the secondhand poisoning caused by the unnecessary herbicide and pesticide use on rural ditches.


Dear Honourable Nixon,

I am concerned about the application of harmful chemicals in rural ditches. Eco-friendly options such as mowing, brushing, and mulching should be used exclusively so we can stop poisoning our land with toxic substances.

Herbicides and pesticides are hazardous to people, animals, and land. These chemicals leach their way into the soil, the groundwater, and onto food and cause numerous health issues such as cancer, reproduction complications, neurotoxicity, and endocrine disruption.

The negative health effects are not isolated to human beings. Bees are particularly susceptible to chemical toxicity and tiny doses cause mobility issues, difficulty feeding, and problems with navigation. But frogs, mammals, and fish are all affected.

I urge you, as the people’s representative of the environment, to stand up for the protection of nature, and ban the unnecessary herbicide application to rural ditches.


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  1. We are killing our world and everything in it!! Change for the better is past due. Every country needs to stop poisoning the air, water and land for life to flourish. We’ve had enough warning with the extinction of many species, the growth in cancer and other conditions, and climate change.

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