Don’t Use Covid Relief Funds to Accelerate the Climate Crisis

Target: Representative Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives

Goal: Stop using Covid relief funds to accelerate the climate crisis.

Billions of dollars in Covid relief funds are being locked into rebuilding a fossil fuel-based economy. Meanwhile, the climate and ecological crisis escalates. International efforts to decarbonize are utilizing Covid relief and the necessity to rebuild economies as an opportunity to transition towards clean energy. Yet in the US, policymakers continue to move forward with policies that are vested in private corporate interests and completely removed from the reality that we are all facing. 

There is no technology in existence (or close to being in existence) that can miraculously make climate change go away. It is high time we acknowledge that, and start working toward real solutions that are based on resources we actually have available to us; such as the billions of dollars in Covid relief funds currently being invested.

It is going to take a massive mobilization and a lot of money to transition our economy from fossil fuels to clean energy. Right now is our opportunity. What we can’t afford is to wait any longer. Sign this petition to demand that Congress stop funding fossil fuel industries, reimplement environmental protection policies, and utilize Covid relief to rebuild our economy around clean energy.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

As the climate crisis escalates, every decision we make now plays a critical role in determining our shared future. Investing Covid relief funds into fossil fuel industries will set our course for environmental devastation and human suffering on a massive scale unlike we have ever seen before. Let this be an opportunity to shift toward clean energy and to rebuild our economy in a sustainable way. 

You cannot bank on nonexistent technology to come in at the last second and reset the environment. We need to divest from fossil fuels now. There is no question that fossil fuels are a massive part of the problem. You must stop investing public resources in what will be the death of us. 

I urge you to recognize that what you do in this moment matters, more than anything you have done before. You are holding our future in your hands. Do the right thing, pull funding from fossil fuels, put real protections in place on behalf of the environment, and use Covid relief funds to rebuild our economy around reusable energy. 


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