End Discrimination Against Black Service Members

Target: Barbara Barrett, Secretary of the United States Air Force

Goal: Ensure fair treatment and enforcement of anti-discrimination laws for Black military members.

Black service members are significantly more likely to suffer discrimination in the United States Air Force, according to a report released by the office of the Air Force Inspector General (IG). Nearly half of Black respondents to surveys reported experiencing discrimination or racist attitudes in their careers, as had almost half of all Black Air Force generals. Black airmen are 57% more likely to be court-martialed, according to the report, and 72% more likely to be given non-judicial punishments. Furthermore, Black service members were twice as likely to be discharged for misconduct than white service members, indicating that even in one of the most respected sectors of U.S. society, Black Americans face significant challenges.

Black service members have historically been subjected to lower pay, fewer opportunities for advancement, and less recognition for their achievements. Despite these well-known injustices, numerous service members report being ignored or brushed aside when reporting instances of discrimination or outright racism. Sign the petition below to demand that every report of discrimination be taken seriously and investigated fully.


Dear Secretary Barrett,

The existence of racism in American society is a sad fact, but it can be found even in the ranks of the armed forces, where service members’ rights are supposedly guaranteed under federal law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Despite these guarantees, Black service members frequently find themselves the target of racial discrimination in matters of career advancement, punishment and investigations, and with other service members.

More worrying still is the perceived ineffectiveness of the Defense Department’s Equal Opportunity program, which many report has done little to investigate complaints of racial injustice in the military. Compared to their civilian counterparts, Black airmen and women are seemingly far less likely to be taken seriously when reporting instances of discrimination and racism. I demand that this inaction be ended, that all future and pending investigations be pursued to conclusion, and that all service members’ rights be protected no matter their race.


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Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives

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