Justice for Millions of Livestock Who Die During Transport

Target: Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, Canada

Goal: Protect farm animals from death or euthanasia during transport.

Every year, over a million farm animals in transport arrive dead at their destination. Nearly 9 million more are euthanized once they are unloaded. They either succumb to health problems they already suffered from, or they develop debilitating issues in the trucks. Such treatment would never be allowed with companion animals, yet livestock do not share the same level of protection and are considered a dispensable commodity.

Most of these health reasons are extremely painful conditions that should have been medically treated on the farm or feedlot, and it is deplorable that these animals are loaded onto the trucks to suffer hours of confinement to be condemned and killed. Once on the trucks, many animals receive preventable injuries that lead to their being euthanized at the destination, such as frostbite, bruising, and emaciation.

There are many parties involved in preventing these deaths: farms, transportation companies, CFIA inspected facilities, and even companies that purchase the meat. While all these organizations are responsible, the livestock transportation industry needs to rethink its contribution to animal cruelty, and the government needs to take further action to ensure this does not happen.


Dear Honourable Garneau,

I am concerned about the condition of livestock transport in Canada despite the new updates to the regulations. Over one million animals are dead on arrival at slaughter facilities, and nearly 9 million more are condemned by CFIA inspectors. I urge you to take further action to protect farm animals during transport.

Some of these animal deaths are due to prior medical issues, but many are caused by transportation conditions. The animals should never have been loaded when they had chronic medical problems that should have been treated on the farm. It is just as horrible that frostbite, bruising, and emaciation caused during transport are all approved reasons for CFIA inspectors to condemn an animal. Blame for these acts of animal cruelty lie with the agricultural industry, the slaughter facilities, and even the companies purchasing the end products, but the transport industry is also responsible.

I urge you to take further action to ensure livestock are being treated humanely during transport.


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  1. Gloria Navan says:

    Even on a local level, we often see animals transported under horrible conditions.

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