Tell Saudi Officials to Stop Spying on Journalists

Target: Salman bin Abdulaziz, King of Saudi Arabia

Goal: Stop the targeted spying on Al Jazeera reporters.

Officials of the UAE and Saudi Arabia have been caught spying on journalists and compromising their safety through new, advanced technology. Technology developed by NSO Group, an Israeli technology firm that creates spyware, has been found to be targeting journalists working with Al Jazeera. A report indicates that Saudi and Emirati officials have ordered this move.

Spying on journalists is a breach of international human rights and should be treated as such. It’s time to stand up and demand an end to using spy technology to step on basic freedoms. Demand that the Salman of Saudi Arabia address this publicly and put an end to the spying on journalists.


Dear Salman Abdulaziz,

Journalists from Al Jazeera are being spied on under your administration’s watch and that is absolutely unacceptable. Whether or not you are directly responsible for this action doesn’t matter, as it’s happening in your administration. No journalist should have to live in fear of jail (or worse) due to a tyrannical ruling class.

Journalism is incredibly important to society as it allows us to keep transparency alive and hold people accountable when they are guilty of abhorrent crimes. Violating the sanctity of that is an outrage and should be dealt with at once. Please stand up for people everywhere by declaring this spying to be criminal and demand an end to it at once.


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Photo Credit: Mstyslav Chernov

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