Stop Forcing Pigeons to Perform for Human Entertainment

Target: Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Canada

Goal: Stop racing pigeons for sport and profit.

Racing pigeons is a cruel and unnecessary pastime that should not be allowed as a “sport.” Pigeons are expected to fly up 800 km as fast as possible in a single racing season. Birds that do not measure up are systematically culled, and many reports have surfaced of owners snapping the necks of under-performing pigeons or shooting them if they don’t return to the loft. In addition, once a male and female pigeon have bonded, the female is taken from the loft in a disgusting practice referred to as widowing. The separated female will fly faster and push herself harder to return to her mate.

It is commonplace and considered acceptable to lose 10 percent of pigeons in a single race, though some races have claimed the lives of many more. Some estimates say up to 75 percent of pigeons have been lost. In 2020, the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race lost over 870 birds in the grueling journey these birds are forced to endure for human monetary profit. Because the pigeons are raised in captivity, they are easy prey for predators and are unable to forage for themselves in the wild. Some simply succumb to exhaustion, heat stroke, or dehydration.

These birds should not be forced to perform and die for human entertainment or profit. Sign this petition to stop pigeon racing.


Dear Honourable Wilkinson,

The sport of pigeon racing is an abuse of animals by forcing them to fly for human amusement and profit. Many reports have surfaced of the killing of birds that do not meet racers expectations. Regardless if these birds are well cared for day to day, it is unnecessary and inhumane to force them to race for people’s entertainment.

It is appalling that a loss of pigeons in a given race is accepted and usually expected. While it is commonplace to lose 10 percent of birds in a single race, there have been races where 75 percent of pigeons ended up dead or missing. This is a callous waste of an animal life.

Pigeons succumb to predators and the elements that they encounter while racing. Because they are raised in captivity, it is cruel to send these pets to fend for themselves in the wild.

I urge you to stop forcing these animals to perform and die for sport.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Rosendahl



  1. Muriel Servaege says:

    Last year, the Queen of England ‘s numerous pigeons had to come back from South Africa but their travel was so long and exhausting that most of them died, which led to a public outcry. I wonder what Elizabeth II plans to do next year and if she still has enough pigeons.

    • Fred Nothers says:

      That’s complete lying rubbish and fake news.

      No pigeon would ever be sent to South Africa to fly to the UK.

      No such event has ever taken place and you should remove your lies and fake news.

    • You stupid moron no pigeon could fly from south Africa to England. The pigeons are sent to south Africa as 6 weeks old and settled at the lofts and raced within south Africa and after the last race they are sold all over the world by public auction. Absolutely rubbish fake news.

  2. Demetrios Lekkas says:

    God! humans are so perverse and so disgustingly inventive in their perversions!

  3. Stop racing pigeons for sport and profit.

  4. Is it worse than breeding millions of chickens pigs and cattle that are mercilessly slaughterd electrocuted kept in inhuman conditions for human cosumtion how many of you so called do gooders eat meat if you stop this slaughter of these animal then I will stop racing pigeons

    • Well said. Totally agree. All lives are important. Cows pigs chickens dogs cats etc. We should not accept one as a pet and the other left for an inhumane life just for meat. People need to use their brain to figure out there are other foods which are better for you than meat on this planet. Humans eat too much meat in general and are obsessed with it to the point of being absolutely ridiculous.

  5. This petition must have bern created by a right jerk.Have you seen how much care and money goes in to keeping pigeons and the health side of it, racing pigeons are athletes just like race horses etc.if a race horse breaks its leg it is shot and sold for dog food.Racing pigeons love what they do and love were they live.What a pathetic petition.

    • Fred Nothers says:

      You certainly got that right, these virtue signalling attention seeking numpties haven’t got a clue but run off at the mouth at every opportunity.

  6. The virtue signalling zealot who came up with this petition should engage their brain before unleashing their keyboard warrior typing finger.
    Racing pigeons are well bred, kept in beautiful clean airy sheds, fed the best corn money can buy and allowed to breed two youngsters every year.
    Most pigeon fanciers enter their birds in races of 60 miles to 200 miles in which the birds fly at an average speed of 45 mph, although there are longer races.
    The birds are let out around home every day and fly freely of their own accord for three to four hours, disappearing in one direction and reappearing from another, they flap their wings and make a clapping sound in happiness as they dive down towards their home and then zoom off again, they are a pleasure to behold.
    In the UK the average pigeon fancier spends approximately £3000.00 a year looking after their birds and if they lucky enough to win a few races, they’ll draw a couple of hundred pounds, so clearly aren’t in it for the money as the writer of the petition would have people believe but keep them because they love pigeons and enjoy looking after them.
    There are hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of pigeon fanciers throughout the world in Australia, China, Europe, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central America, USA , Canada and most other countries and pigeon racing is usually but not always the hobby of the ordinary working man.
    If the writer of the petition is truly looking to stop cruelty then I suggest they address the horrific practices taking place in millions of battery caged chickens which are kept in 2 foot x 2 foot square wire cages all their egg producing life until they go for slaughter, or the pigs bred for slaughter kept in cages that are too small to turn around in, or the young calf’s bred for veal that are kept in small cages all their short lives until slaughter, or the factory farms where cows are kept in small indoor pens all their lives, never seeing the sunlight or breathing the fresh air, never eating their natural food but being fed on fish meal pellets, or the barbaric dog meat trade in South Korea and China, where dogs are kept in horrific conditions until slaughtered by having their skulls cracked open with baseball bats or hammers, or they could petition against the cruel slaughter of whales on factory ships but of course the attention seeking petition writer prefers to attack the easy target of ordinary everyday decent hardworking people.

  7. Well said Sir. I too read the petition. The writer demonstrates the dangers of misinformation and the lack of conclusive research.
    I have been a pigeon fancier for 60 years, I endorse your comments and as a further example of cruelty, there are in UK chicken processing plants that slaughter 200.000+ birds every day. Birds that are 42 to 49 days old, all because humans want cheap chicken meat.

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