Stop Execution of Man Proved Innocent

Target: United States Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen

Goal: Release Dustin John Higgs from death row for crimes he didn’t commit.

Dustin John Higgs was falsely convicted of kidnapping and murdering three young women in 1996, given the death penalty, and then found to be innocent. The man who actually committed these crimes has since confessed and is serving life in prison, yet Higgs remains on death row and is set to be executed in January. This is unacceptable on so many levels, mostly due to the fact that the actual killer is in custody and still received a lighter sentence than Higgs.

This is a travesty to our justice system and another example of where we need to do better. Higgs has wasted over 20 years in prison while his children grow up without a father. He very well may be executed for a crime he never committed. Demand that Higgs be released immediately.


Dear Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen,

Dustin John Higgs currently sits in a specialty holding cell on death row for a crime that he never committed. The actual killer is also in jail and is only receiving life in prison, while Higgs is set to be executed in January. This is absolutely outrageous and should never have been a reality. Higgs’ family is growing up without him while he wastes away in a jail cell.

The criminal justice system is broken and needs improving. Cases like this are the most indicative of where help is needed and you are one of the only people with the power to stop this travesty from occurring. With only days left in office, I ask that you make those final days count. Higgs deserves to be released and apologized to for being held wrongfully for over 20 years. We demand you step up and do what’s right for Higgs and his family.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Hossam el-Hamalawy


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