Don’t Endanger Lives by Denying and Delaying Vaccines

Target: Eduardo Pazuello, Minister of Brazil’s Ministry of Health

Goal: Make vaccine access and distribution a priority in ending threat of COVID-19.

As nations in the West continue to receive and administer their first COVID-19 vaccine dosages, the world’s sixth most populous country and its 200-plus million citizens remain in a dangerous waiting game. Brazil’s nearly-nonexistent vaccine distribution plan is being called “homicidally negligent” by critics. Worse, the lack of initiative seems driven by the political machinations and dismissals of Brazilian far-right president Jair Bolsonaro.

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 180,000 Brazilians and counting as the country is currently enduring a punishing new wave of infections.  Bolsonaro himself contracted the disease but has largely thumbed his nose at medical guidelines and called an illness killing so many of his fellow citizens “a little flu.” To date, the leader has yet to sign a contract with leading vaccine maker Pfizer. Bolsonaro also turned down offers to bring a promising Chinese experimental vaccine into the country, reportedly because his political rival supports the vaccine. In fact, Brazil has only invested in one vaccine candidate thus far and only ordered around 50 million doses of this product…far short of the supply needed for a population over four times this number. Adding to the confusion, a hastily put-together health ministry document that received no approval from consultants did not include any details about beginning a nationwide vaccination program.

Sign this petition to urge Brazil’s health ministry to stand against the alleged “lethal incompetence” that is destroying and ending lives.


Dear Mr. Pazuello,

“Homicidally negligent,” “lethal incompetence,” “Chernobyl,” “shortsightedness,” “inhumanity,” “criminal irresponsibility”: these are just a few of the tags attached to Brazil’s COVID-19 response. A major Brazilian newspaper has labeled you a “puppet” of a critically failing government leader. Please prove them wrong.

180,000 irreplaceable lives have already been lost. Without a comprehensive and detailed vaccination rollout plan endorsed by medical professionals, this number will surely rise. In the absence of suitable vaccine contracts, the numbers will skyrocket. Each of these numbers represents a human being. Keep them in your mind and heart the next time you try to draw out a “plan” that falls fall short of what this country needs for a healthier, more secure future.

Put the politics aside and stand up for science and healthcare. Most importantly, stand up for the people of Brazil.


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Photo Credit: Retha Ferguson

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