Don’t Let Rodents Die Slow and Horrific Deaths in Glue Traps

Target: Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Canada

Goal: Ban the public sale and use of cruel glue traps.

Thousands of rodents suffer in glue traps each year, often stuck for days until they slowly die horrific deaths. Governments need to ban these inhumane traps that are readily available at hardware and DIY stores.

In many cases, the rodents will rip their own skin off in a vain attempt to escape. Others writhe in agony as they desperately try to free themselves. Animals endure unimaginable suffering while caught in these traps. Most are simply left to die as they slowly succumb to starvation, stress, exhaustion, and dehydration.

Non-target wildlife is also at risk from these cruel traps, including protected and migratory species. Numerous birds, reptiles, and other small animals are often caught and they suffer the same fate as mice and rats. Domestic pets, such as cats and small dogs, are also at risk.

Countries around the world have already made the move against these torturous traps. They are prohibited in Ireland and New Zealand and are being reconsidered by other nations. All governments should follow suit and remove unethical glue traps from production permanently.

Sign this petition to ban the public use and sale of rodent glue traps.


Dear Honourable Wilkinson,

As an advocate for animal welfare, I urge you to ban the use and sale of glue traps for catching rodents. The Scottish government is currently considering prohibiting these traps, and several other countries have already passed laws to this effect. I encourage you to follow suit.

Glue traps are cruel and cause horrible suffering to the animal they ensnare. Most of the injuries are self-inflicted as the rodents are impelled to free themselves, to the point that many will rip their own skin off in the vain attempt to escape. Death is usually slow and painful, as the animal perishes from starvation, dehydration, stress, and exhaustion. No animal should be put through that, and it is deplorable that they are intentionally killed in this manner.

Many other species of animals are at risk from glue traps, including protected and migratory birds. Reptiles, cats, small dogs, and other mammals are also caught each year. If the animal can be extracted alive, rehabilitation efforts are largely ineffective.

As the government representative for the environment and the protection of the creatures that inhabit it, I compel you to forward legislation that will prohibit using inhumane glue traps.


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  1. Utterly evil. Unconscionable. Man’s cruelty is truly horrifying. We have not progressed at all into civilized beings. In the 21st century, we are merely modern savages. SHAME on our disgusting species. God protect all other species from the human race!!

  2. Linda Cummings says:

    This is insanely stupid and cruel. Many innocent animals suffer terribly. How did we become a society that tortures animals so non-chalantly?

  3. Shirley Lemieux says:

    These traps for rodents do appear to be a very inhumane and cruel way to die. Not a product I would buy and certainly a product that should be banned. These type traps do not just affect the rodents but also domestic pets and other wild life such as birds.

  4. Denise Devereux says:

    Has the Human Race learnt nothing from God’s Wrath.
    Continue this evil and worse will come.
    God will finish the culling of this planet not man.

  5. A long time ago I used a glue trap and it was a terrible mistake. I thought I could take the mouse off the trap and set it free outside. I was wrong and it still eats away at my conscience. A few years later I had another mouse and found plastic traps that did not kill the mouse. I put peanut butter in the back of the trap, it tilted down and when the mouse went in it tilted back and a tiny door closed and I took it outside and let it go in the morning. Very humane and no guilty conscience.

  6. The thought makes me sick. This is so inhumane and savage. These traps should be banned.



  8. Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: Animals.

  9. Agree all comments put these cruel fuckers on a glue trap this world are nothing but heartless C**ts. Someone needs to stop animal being tortured. This world is fucked. To many C**rs in this world and they need to be punished . Cruel to an animals have it done back to that persin same way. The laws and courts arent worth pissing on dont deserve to have there jobs.

  10. What a horrible and inhumane thing to do to animals. These reprehensible things should be banned and outlawed!

  11. How ppl don’t understand that rodents are living, breathing beings like you and I is irresponsible and just an excuse.
    They have emotions and a beating heart as well and deserve compassion, to live and be free.

  12. Human beings have one hell of a lot to answer for. Why has our species evolved to be so vile?

  13. Absolute unspeakable cruelty. How could anyone subject a living being to a slow, torturous death. These traps absolutely must be banned as they are torture chambers.

  14. P L E A S E
    Then offer or link to better solutions
    to get rid of them
    I tried peppermint & eucaliptus
    Also bring them 800 feet away


  15. BAN these TORTUR CHAMBERS! Rodents, Birds, Insects and other creatures die a horrific death as they cannot free themselves from these contraptions and die a slow and painful death of exhaustion, thirst, hunger and extreme fear. They cannot defend themselves against their natural “enemies” and are an easy target without being able to escape!!! It’s time to show some HUMANE TRAITS because humans behave like SATAN himself!

  16. Justin Recht says:

    Every creature is God’s creature!
    Stop these insane torture devices. Most of the time when insects and rodents “invade” a home is because people live filthy! It’s their own fault!

  17. Carolyn Taylor says:

    These disgusting traps are sick and barbaric! Stop their use, now!

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