Demand Bank Pay Black Employees the Same as White Counterparts

Target: Antonio Horta-Osorio, CEO of Lloyds Banking Group

Goal: Pay Black employees the same as their white counterparts.

Lloyds Bank in the United Kingdom reportedly admitted that their Black employees make an average of 20% less than their white counterparts. The CEO, Antonio Horta-Osorio, apparently claimed that this is because the company does not employee enough Black employees at high levels of the company and claimed to be “taking action.” However, simply acknowledging this discrepancy is not enough; apologies need to be made and deliberate action towards hiring a more diverse staff of employees is imperative to ensure this never happens again.

Whether or not Horta-Osorio had the intention of creating this big of a discrepancy between Black and white coworkers does not change the fact that the Black employees of Lloyds are reportedly being treated as less than. Wage gaps are one of the many systemic injustices Black people face on a daily basis and acknowledging this gap is not equivalent to fixing it. If real change is to be affected, then Black employees need to be paid as much as their white counterparts when they are doing the same job. Stand up and demand an end to oppression through wage gaps between Black and white employees.


Dear Mr. Horta-Osorio,

Lloyds Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the U.K. and the fact that your company reportedly admitted not only to paying Black people less than their white counterparts is outrageous. Not only that, but you apparently admitted to not hiring almost any Black employees in the higher up positions in Lloyds, indicating a systemic mistreatment of Black workers at Lloyds. This is unacceptable and needs to be remedied immediately.

Admitting you’ve made a mistake is the first step to solving it, and you’ve done that already. Now, the time is come to rectify that mistake. Black citizens deserve to feel like they have a home at your bank and to feel like a valued employee. We demand you apologize and rectify the systemic racism plaguing your company immediately.


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Photo Credit: Vladimir Solomyani

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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. Why should someone doing the same job be paid LESS because of their race? Are their skills different? Are their bills lower because of their race? SHAMEFUL. END THIS NOW.

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