Don’t Leave Patients to Die in Crumbling Hospitals

Target: Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela

Goal: Provide more aid to healthcare system strained by Covid-19 pandemic.

Hospital conditions in Venezuela are so horrendous that sick people—including many afflicted with Covid-19—will not even enter the premises. Medical personnel have a critical absence of both protective equipment and basic medications that patients need.  Power outages and lapsed water supplies are an almost continuous occurrence. And in the midst of a raging pandemic, patients with highly contagious illnesses have supposedly been placed right alongside vulnerable populations.

These crises have crushed a country already experiencing high levels of malnourishment and a healthcare system broken by underfunding and gross mismanagement. As brutal government funding cuts slash away, only dedicated frontline workers stand between the system and total collapse. These committed individuals must survive on payments that can max out at five meager dollars a month.

The government response has been one of denial, suppression, and false claims of victory against the pandemic. Several physicians who help keep this buckling system afloat have even been criminally charged for attempting to sound the alarm. The seemingly low Covid-19 rates reported by the government may be a combination of concealing true statistics and the heartbreaking reality that many individuals have died and ended up in poorly served morgues without ever receiving a diagnosis.

Sign the petition below to demand this government stop ignoring the urgent pleas of its healthcare workers and its citizens for desperately needed aid.


Dear President Maduro,

Poorly protected and poorly paid healthcare workers are risking their very lives in decrepit conditions not fit for the dead rats that litter hospital corridors. No amount of suppression or threats can mask these unforgiving realities that so many Venezuelans are enduring on a daily basis. The images and the impassioned pleas from a country that once had world-class facilities to care for its people speak for themselves.

Individuals seek healthcare when they are most desperate and afraid because they need the comfort and assurance of a helping hand. Now, citizens are so aware that entering a hospital could put their lives in danger that they too often choose inaction over aid. They see firsthand their leaders making the same choice with an air of indifference, and so hope is lost.

Infuse a life-saving, empathetic shot of funding and resources into your healthcare systems. Restore hope to your people and restore Venezuela’s standing as a medical success story, and not as a horror story without end.


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Photo Credit: Gindel and Abraham Delgado

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