Don’t Endanger Women and Minorities in Battle Against Islamist Radicalism

Target: Emmanuel Macron, President of France

Goal: Remove elements of anti-extremist law which violate civil liberties and place minorities at risk.

French president Emmanuel Macron has announced a sweeping new bill which could limit key civil liberties, including the right to choose one’s own doctor and for women to protect themselves from domestic abuse. The bill, which targets what Macron’s government calls “Islamist radicalism,” would introduce several innovative features to French law, such as increasing education about Islam and expanding funding for public schools to increase representation.

However, certain provisions, such as fines and prison sentences for those who refuse treatment from doctors of the opposite sex and for doctors who provide so-called “virginity certificates” have raised concerns. Under the French code of medical ethics, all patients have the right to choose which doctors treat them, regardless of their reasons for doing so. Furthermore, doctors and women’s rights advocates have argued against the issuing of virginity certificates, sometimes requested prior to Muslim marriagees, but warn that forbidding women from obtaining them could expose them to domestic abuse and trauma from conservative family members.

President Macron’s efforts to combat religious extremism must include respect for the rights of women and all French citizens. Sign the petition below to demand that these provisions be dropped before they become law.


Dear Mr. President,

The draft of the “Supporting Republican Principles” law, while making several laudable advances, still contains worrisome provisions which could undermine basic civil rights and put Muslim women at risk. Under the law and medical ethical codes, French citizens have the right to choose the treatments they receive and who they receive them from.

Passing these provisions into law will benefit no one, and may end up restricting the rights of all French citizens. I demand that they be removed from the bill in question to ensure that basic rights are ensured for all.


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