Pennsylvania: Do Not Entertain Trump’s Attempts to Overturn Election Results

Target: Bryan Cutler, Pennsylvania House of Representatives Speaker

Goal: Do not entertain false claims about the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential Election.

President Trump has repeatedly called Pennsylvania House of Representatives Speaker, Republican Bryan Cutler, to help him overturn the presidential election results. Trump is attempting to reverse his loss in Pennsylvania in hopes of subverting the overall election results. Cutler’s office has confirmed that they have received multiple calls from the president, making Pennsylvania the third state where Trump is directly and personally trying to overturn election results.

The Trump campaign has decisively lost numerous legal challenges of the election at both the state and federal level. Additionally, Trump has made continued baseless claims of widespread voting fraud. In contrast, election officials have continuously stated that this presidential election was secure.

A spokesperson for Cutler described the calls from Trump, saying: “The president said, ‘I’m hearing about all these issues in Philadelphia, and these issues with your law. What can we do to fix it?’” A White House spokesperson declined to comment on the president’s calls to Cutler.

Sign this petition to urge Cutler to uphold the presidential election results and not entertain any false claims about the legitimacy of the election.


Dear House Speaker Cutler,

Multiple election officials, some even that were previously working for the Trump administration, have confirmed that the 2020 presidential election was secure. The Trump campaign has filed multiple lawsuits addressing the security of the election and these have been decisively rejected at both the state and federal level.

There is no evidence to suggest that there was widespread voting fraud. Despite this, President Trump continues to claim that the election was illegitimate. These claims are baseless. I urge you to uphold the results of the presidential election and to not entertain any false claims about its legitimacy, regardless of who makes them.


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  2. Gillian Miller says:

    Isabella has blinkered vision along with selective hearing. There is massive voter fraud with evidence. What Trump is asking for is not to overturn election results but to ensure that they are legal and correct. You even have a video of Biden admitting fraud. What more do you need?

  3. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Get lost Trump – the American People have officially voted you out of the presidential office!! Get lost and MOVE TO CANADA WITH YOU BUDDY GULLIANI!!!!

  4. Neal Greenberg says:

    Trump is a fucking fat fucking racist fucking asshole fucking bitching fucking crying fucking pussy fucking retard and will never get over it that he fucking lost the election.

    Trump is going to get fucking gang fucking raped when he is put in fucking prison.

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