Puppy Reportedly Shot and Killed With Arrow Deserves Justice

Target: Barry Johnson, District Attorney For McLennan County, Texas

Goal: Seek the harshest punishment for the man who allegedly shot a puppy with an arrow.

An 8-month-old puppy named Bailey was reportedly shot with an arrow while out for a walk with her owner. She later died due to her injuries and the man apparently responsible was nearly cleared of criminal charges. Join her family in a fight for justice.

“She was the most loving dog I’ve ever had, we had a lot of plans for Bailey, we wanted to turn her into a therapy dog. I just keep reliving the event over and over,” stated owner Dale Dickenson in an interview with KWTX. Dickenson claimed that he was out on a walk with Bailey when an arrow struck her in her hind quarter, penetrating her body. Though he immediately rushed her to the vet, Bailey was pronounced dead on arrival. The source of the shot was reportedly 34-year-old Colton “Taylor” Riley, who was seemingly doing target practice behind his grandfather’s house.

Riley was at first cleared of criminal charges by Waco police, but has since been charged with animal cruelty by the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office. He’s free after posting bail. Sign below and demand that this man face the full extent of legal consequences, if found guilty.


Dear District Attorney Johnson,

A puppy named Bailey will never get to see her first birthday. She’ll never get to complete her therapy dog training or grow old with her loving family. Bailey’s life was cut short, allegedly due to the actions of Colton “Taylor” Riley, a man accused of shooting her with an arrow while doing target practice in a Waco neighborhood.

Riley has been charged with animal cruelty, but he was at first dismissed of criminal charges by Waco police. This is unacceptable. A dog is dead due to this man’s apparent carelessness. A family is grieving and, next time, it could be a person who dies.

I demand that you prosecute this case and seek the harshest legal consequences possible, if Riley is found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Agree all comments shoor this fucker with a arrow leave to die.
    Justice for this dog and family. Courts need to wake up and some dont deserve there jobs fucken useless.

  2. The article doesn’t even say if this was an accident or intended. Was he shooting at a target and the arrow went wild, or did he intentionally aim for the dog? The man may have just been stupid, not a killer. You need to clarify this before you go all crazy on the man who shot the puppy. I can’t sign something before I know all the facts. More facts please.

  3. Neal Greenberg says:

    People that fucking abuse and fucking kill animals are the fucking biggest fucking pussies.

    These fucking pussies should be fucking tortured and fucking burned to fucking death.

  4. Ponce’s Law!!!!

  5. JORGE LESCANO says:

    + RIP Bailey

    Death penalty for bastard killer, SOB! Coward!

  6. Point the arrow towards the fucking cunt. This boils my blood. R.I.P., poor Bailey.

  7. Let’s get these sadists off the Earth now.

  8. Justin Recht says:

    SOB – should not be allowed to breath the air.

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