China: Protect All Animals and Make Cruelty a Crime

Target Xi Jinping, President of China

Goal: Support national protections for animals and punishment for animal abusers.

A horrifying incident on a China street highlights a much deeper animal welfare problem within the world’s most populous country. Bystanders captured two men on video allegedly dragging a badly injured dog for up to 12 miles behind a speeding scooter. One of the witnesses recounted that the dog “ran behind for about five to six meters before collapsing. But the scooter didn’t stop after the dog had collapsed.” When confronted, the two men reportedly said they were “punishing” the poor animal for supposedly biting one of them. Despite the seeming video evidence and the severe injuries apparent after a veterinary examination, these suspects will most likely face no criminal repercussions for their alleged cruelty.

China has not passed a single law that protects animals or enacts any penalty for their abuse. Small animals like cats or dogs, especially strays, are at the mercy of a system that refuses to shield them from malicious harm or even cold-blooded killing. The most punishment any animal abuser may face is financial compensation for the injury of a pet to the animal’s owner.

The disturbing incident cited above reinforces that these lax so-called standards must change now. Sign the petition below to urge China to do much more in safeguarding every precious living being.


Dear President Xi,

Animal cruelty is one of the major markers for a person predisposed to tremendous acts of violence. Such individuals must be identified, punished, and—if possible—helped before they escalate their depraved tendencies. Moreover, every living being victimized by malicious or deadly intent must receive justice.

Unfortunately, China has failed greatly in this regard. A recent video taken from a Chinese street drew worldwide attention in the worst way. This video depicts the seeming intentional dragging and injury of a dog over a long distance. Due to the absence of any true animal welfare standards or laws within the country, this dog will likely just become another reported victim….one of too many traumatized by abusers who go unpunished.

Please help end these imminent threats. Adopt an animal welfare law that affirms the value of all living beings.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Siskiyou County Major Crimes Unit



  1. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!
    China should be held accountable by the other nations of the world!!

  2. These are the kinds of people who’ll be your masters if Democrats regain power and sell America. The Chinese will confiscate or steal your dogs and cats for food after they torture them for hours to make the meat more “healthful.”

    Chinese parents also discipline their children with physical abuse; my mother beat me regularly with wooden hangers. Beatings and psychological intimidation are encouraged as a teaching tool by teachers. The nuns at my school would slap my face full-force for talking during class and whip my hands with bamboo sticks for errors in math. One elementary teacher held a pair of scissors to my face and threatened to sever my vocal cords for telling a fib and gave me a dish to catch the blood.

    Not that all Chinese are sadistic, but in a culture where cruelty is an acceptable way of life, do you want to take a chance? Our Constitution is a joke to these people. Never give up your 2nd Amendment rights. That’s all that stands between you and slavery and being a living organ donor if you land in their prisons.

    Have a Merry Christmas. Fight for freedom; fight for America.

  3. The World Is Watching…..

  4. Everyone of these animal abusing/killing scumbags must be put to death. We must unite together and perform this procedure!

  5. When you make ridiculous impotent “eye for an eye” type comments, it makes the person making the comment appear as barbaric as the abuser. You want to make an impact, donate to Asian rescue organizations and stop buying anything imported from China.

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