Biden: Fire Lobbyist Who Protected Poison-Peddling Corporations

Target: Joe R. Biden, President-elect of the United States

Goal: Dismiss consultant who defended the spread of cancerous chemicals in drinking water.

President-elect Joe Biden has appointed a former consultant for the DuPont chemical empire to a key position in his transition team, a worrying signal for those opposed to environmental damage. W. Michael McCabe, one-time Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, left public service to protect DuPont’s image as the company sought to combat regulations of its product PFOA. This chemical compound is extremely difficult to break down and has been linked to increased risks for two types of cancer as well as diseases of the kidney, cardiovascular system, and reproductive systems. Even as McCabe went to work cleaning up DuPont’s public image, thousands of tons of PFOA were seeping into drinking water supplies across the United States, poisoning countless Americans and causing lasting harm.

President-elect Biden has appointed McCabe to a position on his EPA transition team. In the wake of President Donald Trump’s disastrous environmental policies, the United States deserves EPA officials with proven records of constructive public service. The appointment of McCabe is utterly at odds with this goal. Sign the petition below to demand that President-elect Biden truly break with Trump’s legacy and replace McCabe with an environmental expert and advocate whose dedication to protecting people and the environment is beyond question.


Dear Mr. President-elect,

As you begin your transition into the White House, the world has high hopes for the restorative work you have promised to undertake to protect the environment and reverse the destructive policies of your predecessor. However, these promises are undermined by the appointment of people like Michael McCabe, whose defense of DuPont while it spread lethal poisons through water supplies is itself indefensible.

While the presence of key experts is essential for rebuilding the EPA, it’s equally important that this work be done by those who have proven their commitment to the environment and public health beyond a doubt. I demand that you replace McCabe with such a person and remove him from your staff.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mark Morton


  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    It doesn’t matter who Biden appoints to anything – BIDEN IS NEVER GOING TO BE PRESIDENT OF THIS UNITED STATES…..EVER!

    • Apparently nothing can stop what is coming out of the cesspit in place of your brain.

    • Yes Linda I pray that you are right! We damn proud Republicans care about our country while the brain dead anti-American democraps ONLY care about TOTALLY destroying it, 100%. What’s wrong with these fools? If they frigging hate it so freaking bad why don’t they get the **** out? They are fools that would whine like a baby when they saw how our country was changed and they don’t like it, but it’s too late, THEY got what they WILL NOT want. Millions and millions of disgusting nasty illegals that will lay on their lazy nasty ass with their hands out, half of them criminals that are raping robbing and murdering Americans- I hope and pray only democraps since they’re the ones who wanted them here- and the only ones who work are taking American’s jobs because of the gutless scabs who would hire them not us. Where in there do you see a reason that they’d want them here??? And they know they voted in the long run for a scab communist president. Unbelievable. Stupid stupid fools.

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