Don’t Punish Male Students for Wearing Nail Polish in School

Target: Kenny Berry, Superintendent of Clyde High School in Clyde, Texas

Goal: Amend dress code which states that male students will receive suspension for wearing nail polish and makeup in school.

An openly gay Texas student reportedly received an in-school suspension for wearing nail polish in class. In a tweet that went viral, Trevor Wilkinson called Clyde High School’s dress code “homophobic and sexist” and claimed that he would continue to wear nail polish and take the punishment for as long as it took to make a change. Demand that this school district renounce such apparent acts of discrimination.

“…it makes me really sad because I know that there are other people who feel like this and feel like they can’t express themselves and that they never will be able to because of people like this, who are not open-minded enough to see another perspective,” stated Wilkinson in a phone interview with NBC News. His tweet has attracted national attention, and many have joined him in his appeal to the Clyde Consolidated Independent School District, demanding that he be removed from his apparent suspension and the dress code reexamined. The district has not commented on Wilkinson’s case, but claims it “conducts a diligent and thoughtful review” of its dress code policy annually.

LGBTQ+ students already face enough discrimination and hardship. Sign below and demand that the school district amend its dress code to accommodate all students’ needs and identities.


Dear Superintendent Berry,

Trevor Wilkinson, an openly gay student at Clyde High School, tweeted that he received an in-school suspension because he refused to remove his nail polish on school grounds. He has and served the punishment, per reports, and has stated that he will continue to for as long as it takes for you to make a change in the school’s “homophobic and sexist” dress code. Thousands of people across the country have supported him in this endeavor and they, and I, are calling for change.

As an adult who works with young people, it is your duty to support and accommodate students of all sexual orientations and genders. A dress code that only serves to isolate students and promote discrimination and homophobia in the classroom does not accomplish that task. I demand that you amend this rule and the relieve Wilkinson from his apparent punishment.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Nail polish???????????? Time for all those in charge who think this is an earth-shattering problem. You need a real job and therapy go get over yourselves and being so judgmental. PETTY PUNKS…. IN MY OPINION

  2. Jacqui Skill says:

    Texas figures ..major ignorance

  3. So what if the student wears makeup and nail polish? There was a boy in my parochial grade school in the sixties, when being openly gay was not heard of, who wore makeup. We had a quiet chuckle ( because this wasn’t normal for that time) and then we moved on. Nobody asked him to change or to leave. I also think that most kids accept gay people more readily than in my youth. If someone has a problem with it, THEY need to get some help, not the person being ridiculed.

  4. WTF? Oh yeah, don’t mess with the trembling macho snowflakes in Texas — they are SOOO terrified of men who don’t knuckle under to their sick “manly” authoritarianism …

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