Prepare California for Potential Trillion Dollar Mega-Storm

Target: California Governor Gavin Newsom

Goal: Prepare for future disastrous “mega-storm” that could kill thousands, displace millions, and cost trillions of dollars.

California is no stranger to natural disasters. Earthquakes, wildfires, and floods are all too regular in the state. Scientists, however, are warning of a severe storm that is set to cost the state trillions of dollars in damage and will displace millions of people. The storm is said to be overdue (much like the Big One Earthquake) and is set to devastate California with record-high flooding within the next 40 years. Estimates are that every major city center will be subject to massive flooding and has the potential to cover the state in hundreds of inches of rainfall.

If we do not prepare for this storm soon, then it will inevitably wreak havoc on the state of California and ruin the lives of millions. California already has a history of not doing enough to prepare for predictable natural disasters, this is a chance to get in early to prevent the destruction of so many homes and lives. Governor Newsom needs to draft legislation to prepare the state for what’s to come and begin taking all necessary precautions to ensure the protection of California’s residents. Sign the petition to demand he does so immediately.


Dear Governor Newsom,

California is set to have its biggest storm in history at some point in the next 40 years and we have the opportunity to prepare damage control before it’s too late. California’s top scientists are warning of a catastrophic mega-storm that will lead to trillions of dollars in damage and millions of lives affected. As governor of California, you need to take the steps to protect your citizens from certain danger.

We demand that you work with lawmakers to draft legislation that will help prepare for this natural disaster, including allocating emergency funds to the major cities in the state. Everyone needs to be prepared for what’s to come and that can only happen if action is taken immediately. Please, take the steps to protect your citizens and ensure a safe future for all residents of California.


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Photo Credit: Josh Thompson

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