Tell Portland Mayor to Stop Sweeps of Houseless Camps During Pandemic

Target: Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, Oregon.

Goal: Stop ordering police to cite and sweep houseless camps during a pandemic.

In the last month, Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, has been ordering sweeps of houseless camps all over the city, despite the fact the state is shutting down for a stay-at-home order. In Oregon, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone drastically, with one of the only positives being that houseless citizens have been granted permission to shelter-in-place. This means that their encampments are not in danger of being disrupted as long as the pandemic is happening, which is a win for many houseless individuals who face constant upheaval due to sweeps by local police.

Researchers say that sweeps are extremely deadly and seriously increase the likelihood of individuals dying from houselessness. Yet Wheeler has come out in support of the sweeps and calls the actions a “humane solution to houselessness.” This is unacceptable and there needs to be a better solution to this issue. Sign the petition to demand an end to these dangerous and inhumane sweeps.


Dear Mayor Wheeler,

One of the only moments of reprieve our houseless population has had all year was when Oregon announced that they were allowed to shelter in place and wouldn’t be evicted. Finally, houseless individuals had a chance to settle long enough to possibly create a better situation for themselves. Now, all of that has changed thanks to your continuation of the sweeps.

There is too much evidence suggesting that sweeps are deadly to continue practicing such an inhumane act. Our houseless community members need shelter and support, not citations and evictions. The fact that you’d evict our most vulnerable population during a pandemic is not only concerning but downright dangerous. We demand that you put an end to the sweeps at once and work with local leaders to determine a better solution going forward.


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Photo Credit: Matthew Woitunski

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  1. Elizabeth Story says:

    Shame on you.

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