Urge TikTok Star to Apologize for Potential Closure of COVID-19 Testing Site

Target: Addison Rae, TikTok Star and Public Figure

Goal: Apologize for planned COVID-19 testing site shut down to film your forthcoming movie and commit to advocating for public health.

Addison Rae’s forthcoming movie was scheduled to completely shut down a COVID-19 testing site at Union Station in Los Angeles, canceling hundreds of testing appointments that help prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus. After public backlash, Mayor Eric Garcetti intervened to keep the site open. On the day that the movie was scheduled to shut down testing, at least 504 residents were reported to have advanced appointments to be tested.

An email message was received by individuals with scheduled appointments that drew attention to the issue. The email from the testing company said, “We apologize for the inconvenience and delayed notification, but LA Union Station Kiosk site has had to cancel all appointments for December 1st due to an event being held at this location.” The city followed up this email by letting patients know that their appointments would be honored at other LA testing locations. When backlash started online, filming was rescheduled to keep the testing site open.

Both the mayor as well as a spokesperson for the filming company allegedly claimed that they did not know that filming would result in the closure of the testing facility. Just this week, Los Angeles broke their record for single-day new COVID-19 cases. The closure of the testing site could have put thousands more at risk of exposure.

Sign this petition to urge Addison Rae to apologize for the incident and to commit to advocating for public health in the future.


Dear Ms. Addison Rae,

The scheduled filming for your forthcoming movie “He’s All That” was going to shut down a COVID-19 testing site at Union Station. Luckily, the public spoke out about this issue and the mayor stepped in to make sure that 504 LA residents would be able to maintain their testing appointments. However, it should not have required public outcry for this issue to be considered problematic.

As a professional with a lot of influence– not only socially but also on the projects on which you work– you must commit to prioritizing public health, especially during a global pandemic. Los Angeles just broke its record for single-day new COVID-19 cases during the same week that your movie was scheduled to shut testing down. You must apologize for this faux pas and commit to prioritizing public health and safety in the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Instagram @addisonraee

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