Stop Farm Animals From Being Tortured by Electrocution

Target: Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Canada

Goal: Ban the use of electric cattle prods.

Farm animals have been electrocuted by cattle prods for over 80 years. Pigs, bison, cattle, sheep, and horses are forced into unpleasant or frightening situations by electric shocks to their bodies. Animal behaviorists, including renowned Dr. Temple Grandin, say electric cattle prods should never be used to raise or handle livestock, yet animals continually suffer abuse from these ghastly implements.

Electric prods deliver up to 5,000 volts of electricity and cause significant pain. Besides the immediate agony, the animals suffer chronic medical issues such as a weakened immune system, damaged rumen function, reduced weight gain, and impaired reproductive ability.

Animals also suffer psychological damage. Studies have shown that they remember being prodded, and their stress and anxiety increases when they return to an area where they had previously been shocked.

Numerous cases have been documented showing disgusting and horrible abuse of electric prods in handling and transport. There are regulations in place restricting the use of electric prods on livestock, but these are not sufficient to protect the animals from abuse. Electric prods are cheap and can be easily purchased, and there is no way to stop unethical users from mistreating animals in their care. These torturous tools must be banned completely.

Sign this petition to stop the use of electric prods for good.


Dear Honourable Bibeau,

Electric cattle prods are a cruel and unnecessary implement and should no longer be used. Numerous reports have shown the abuse animals suffer from prods in handling and transport. The NFACC’s regulations governing the use of electric prods are insufficient. Furthermore, these regulations cannot be properly enforced and livestock are being pointlessly electrocuted by unethical handlers.

As well as the immediate pain, electric prods cause chronic issues. Animals are suffering from damage to their immune system, rumen function, reproduction, and to their overall health and psychological well-being.

Cattle prods have been misused for over 80 years. Horses, pigs, cattle, and other livestock are all subjected to this unnecessary handling method. This cruel practice is obsolete and needs to be replaced with low stress handling techniques.

I urge you to revise the current codes of practice that govern the welfare of farm animals, and completely ban the use and sale of electric prods.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ronen Bar



  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    The use of electric prods is HORRIFIC and must be permanently banned!

  2. This is HORRIBLE and needs to be banned ASAP!!!

  3. Animal abusers must be put to death and nothing less.

  4. Alice Knight says:

    I am appalled of these practices towards animals. Think about what you are asked to do. Harming an animal unnecessarily is a crime. Think of the pain and the suffering you are causing. It should be abolished and made sure the ones who perform this act be charged and lose their position. I am not interested in knowing that it is just your job. If so, at the end of the day do you reflect on what you have done and are you proud?

    Ashamed Canadian,

  5. Neal Greenberg says:

    These fucking assholes should be fucking tortured to fucking death for doing these fucking disgusting things to animals.

  6. WOULD NEVER CONSIOUSLY HURT AN ANIMAL…ITS OKAY YOU PAY OTHERS TO DO IT…BUT IF IF YOU HAD DO IT???? WOULD YOU??? Only certain lives matter? When someone is being treated like the situations above, it is not irresponsible to compare them, it’s factual, and the fact that offends you, shows your speciesism.

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