Support Backyard Chickens in City Limits

Target: Naheed Nenshi, City of Calgary Mayor

Goal: Support bylaw amendments that allow responsible ownership of chickens in cities.

The City of Calgary is updating its pet ownership bylaw to consider the addition of urban livestock. Most specifically, they are looking to include chickens as an allowable animal within city limits. Keeping livestock for emotional support was approved in Calgary in 2018 with positive public reaction. There are several other cities that have already realized the benefits of keeping chickens as pets.

Chickens produce waste that is high in nitrogen which eliminates the need of synthetic fertilizers being sprayed on city lawns. They eat a large quantity of discarded scraps, reducing the stress on the municipal waste disposal and recycling systems. Keeping chickens in the backyard also decreases the number of pests and insects. They assist people in producing their own food which has significant positive implications on animal welfare by reducing support of industrial farms which keep poultry in deplorable living conditions. Food grown at home has been shown to be more nutritious and will improve peoples’ overall health and well-being. Finally, keeping backyard chickens is an invaluable opportunity to educate our youth in the care and respect of animals.

Sign this petition to support this movement.


Dear Mayor Nenshi,

I support keeping chickens in city yards. I encourage the City of Calgary to amend its bylaws and allow responsible ownership of certain livestock in city limits. This act is a bold step that will set a precedence for other cities to make similar motions in the future.

Backyard chicken have many benefits for the individual pet owner, and for the city as a whole. Chickens will reduce the quantity of fertilizers sprayed on lawns as they produce a nitrogen rich fertilizer. They reduce the stress load on municipal waste disposal as chickens consume kitchen scraps and waste. Chickens will improve people’s overall health and well-being by providing nutritious food, education for the youth of the city, and pleasure and enjoyment for all.

Allowing backyard chickens will have a significant impact on animal welfare. People will have a better appreciation for this animal by understanding their behavior and characteristics. And it will allow people to stop supporting unethical and inhumane factory poultry farms.

Many cities across the country have already permitted chickens. As the elected representative of the people, I encourage you to make this important step forward and allow backyard chickens in Calgary.


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Photo Credit: Carmen Edenhofer


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  1. Jenna Miles says:

    That would not be what is best for them, What would be best for them would be ending the egg industry.

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