Don’t Let Accused Anti-Masker Nurse Practice Medicine and Endanger Patients

Target: Oregon Health Authority Director, Pat Allen

Goal: Revoke the ability to practice medicine for nurse who allegedly showed blatant disregard for Covid-19 safety protocols.

An Oregon cancer nurse is accused of recently posting a video on her TikTok account bragging about how she doesn’t wear a mask outside of work or follow social distancing recommendations. This comes after her employer, Salem Health, reported having an outbreak of 91 employee cases of Covid-19 within their organization.

The nurse, identified by their username as “LoveisKind05” has since been placed on administrative leave. However, after this apparently clear disregard for public safety, it’s imperative that this person no longer be allowed back into the medical field. Ask the Oregon Health Authority to bar her from ever working in the public health industry again.


Dear Pat Allen,

Our medical professionals are supposed to be the most direct line of defense in the fight against the Coronavirus. People everywhere rely on their nurses & doctors to be the shining examples of how to handle this public emergency. Yet, one of the nurses at Salem Health is accused of very publicly disregarding all of the CDC recommended guidelines for Covid-19, and then bragging about it publicly.

We demand that this person be fired and barred from working in the medical field ever again. Clearly, someone with this level of disregard for public safety should not be on the front-lines of keeping the public safe and healthy. People in Oregon, and everywhere, deserve to feel safe in healthcare facilities and instances like this are not good for the public trust. Please take the steps to ensure that this person does not endanger any more lives in the public health field.


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  1. Jaime Perez says:

    Fire this woman! She should not be allowed in a hospital.

  2. If she wears one at work then she’s good. What the hell is wrong with you liberal loonies? Apparently you don’t bother with the fact that Dr. Fauci said earlier this year that the masks don’t prevent the spread of the china virus?

  3. Nurses are supposed to have compassion for people. They’re supposed to help save lives. Help kill people she should have her license revoked

  4. Covid is a lie and it only take minimal study to discover this so I say leave this woman alone, nobody should be forced to wear a mask, we have had millions die in 2 world war’s for our FREEDOM which is being removed every day all in the name of so called ‘covid’.

  5. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    FIRE HER IMMEDIATELY. Revoke her nursing license so she doesn’t get hired by ANY other medical facility again.

  6. How can some people still believe that this deadly virus is nonexistent!? Nobody is taking away your freedom by asking you to wear a mask. And what about everyone else’s freedom to remain healthy? When you don’t wear a mask in public, aren’t you impinging on my freedom?! People need to ALL work towards defeating this virus or it will never end. We’ll never get back our FREEDOM to travel, our FREEDOM to eat out and go to bars on game day, or even our FREEDOM to hug and kiss our loved ones. It’s not that hard to care about others and not just yourself. Grow some compassion.

    • Someone with a brain says:

      The CDC study found 74.2% of those who caught covid reported wearing masks “always” while 14.5% wore masks “often,” or 85% almost always wore masks.

      Mask wearers are spreading it. Look at the graphs for Europe, US & Canadian states and South America. Many Asian countries have immunity from SARS1 and other coronaviruses, so cannot be used as comparison.

  7. Masks do NOT stop viral spread. They were the cause of the “second wave” of Spanish flu, which was BACTERIAL pneumonia and not viral. Masks are a psychological tool that virtue-signalling libtards love; they create division, isolation, loss of communication and collect bacteria. They ARE harmful !!

    Virions are 1/1000th the breadth of a human hair. 97% of cough aerosols are less than 1 micron. Surgical masks filter at 3 microns. Fabric masks aerosolise droplets into smaller particles that go straight through.

    In the UK, on the day the latest situation report was compiled, 82,020 NHS workers were off sick. 31,128 (38%) were off with covid/suspected covid. Masks working well then. We’ve been in national lockdown so people haven’t been mixing.

    Anyone with a background in biological sciences or has read up on masks will know that masks are essentially useless against viral spread, even in a healthcare setting. Cases have increased pretty much everywhere as soon as masks were made mandatory. Do they directly increase the spread through the aerosolisation process or do they harm the immune system, leaving people more susceptible to illness?

    Asymptomatic people do NOT spread viruses either. The PCR test can’t diagnose illness; it just looks for part of the genome. Making healthy people wear masks is ridiculous.

    After years of using this site, I am withdrawing my support. I will NOT tolerate bullies demanding that people lose their jobs.

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