Don’t Let Diesel Trucks Illegally Pump Toxic Chemicals Into the Air

Target: Lawrence Starfield, Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator, EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

Goal: Find and punish offenders who tamper with pollution-preventing controls on diesel trucks.

An unscrupulous company proudly advertised how it seemingly broke the law and contributed to the nation’s—and the world’s—climate crisis. The company, Freedom Performance, LLC, boasted about a device that disabled emissions control systems on diesel trucks. Limits on these damaging and dangerous emissions are required by federal law, and any attempts to bypass the environmental safeguards are supposed to be strictly prohibited.

Despite these laws, estimates say that at least half a million trucks have been equipped with so-called deletion devices in the past ten years. As a result, the pollutant nitrogen oxide has choked the air in an excess of hundreds of thousands of tons. For context, these illegal devices have essentially added nine million more highly polluting trucks onto the roadways. The pollutants generated go on to contribute to a host of critical health conditions, such as cancer, strokes, and heart attacks.

Sign the petition below to encourage the Environmental Protection Agency to enact stronger enforcement and penalties against often-overlooked contributors of this environmental degradation.


Dear Mr. Starfield,

“The road to hell is often paved with good intentions.” An advertisement from Freedom Performance, LLC, began with these prophetic words…highly ironic given the company’s current troubles over its alleged use of deletion devices on diesel trucks. These kits and devices may be marketed as a way to save mileage and money, but in reality their immense risks to the environment and to public health far outweigh any perceived benefits. Deletion devices are a clear violation of the Clean Air Act that pump out 30 to 40 times the pollutants than are acceptable.

While this agency has pursued manufacturers who install these devices, it has been less diligent in identifying and penalizing the many auto and body shops around the country suspected of fueling this crisis. These businesses too often go unchecked and unregulated, potentially putting untold numbers of deletion devices onto the roadways every year. Bills in Congress have even attempted to bypass clean air standards by giving motorists the “right” to use these devices under the guise of building race cars.

Please expand the scope of your investigations and enforcement. Help identify and neutralize dangerous actors who are ramping up the climate crisis and exposing vulnerable people to possible catastrophic health outcomes like cancer and stroked. Delete deletion devices from America’s highways once and for all.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jim Sheaffer


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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Prosecute this company immediately, pull all these kits from their stock, and levy heavy fines on anyone caught using them. This is a crime against nature.

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