Justice for Disfigured Puppy Left to Die Tied to Tree in Park

Target: Robert Ritchie, Captain, Philadelphia Police Department, 7th District

Goal: Find and charge the individuals(s) responsible for disfiguring and abandoning pit bull puppy in heavily wooded park.

A pit bull puppy was found abandoned in Pennypack Park, a heavily wooded park in Philadelphia. Her owner(s) left her to die there, tied to a tree, and exposed to the elements. Named Lavender by her rescuers at the PSPCA, this puppy deserves justice after having been so cruelly mistreated.

It is unknown how long Lavender was left tied to the tree. In addition to being abandoned, her face was severely disfigured. The PSPCA worries these serious injuries mean that she may never be able to breathe normally again. The suspect(s) responsible for this cruelty has not yet been found, but the PSPCA knows someone out there recognizes the puppy and knows who caused her harm.

Sign the petition to ask local law enforcement to devote resources to finding those responsible for this coldhearted crime. Until they do, no other animal in the city is safe.


Dear Captain Ritchie,

A young pit bull puppy was found abandoned in a heavily wooded area of Pennypack Park, her face severely disfigured by unknown injuries. In pain and exposed to the elements, she was left to die in that park. Thankfully the PSPCA rescued her and is working to restore her health.

No suspects have been identified or caught, meaning animals across the Philadelphia area are in danger of similar abuse. I ask that you devote resources to the search to help identify, capture, and charge those responsible.


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Photo Credit: PSPCA/CBS Philadelphia



  1. Janet Garraghan says:

    Despicable, evil monsters!!!! For God’s sake why is this still happening! When are the authorities going to take appropriate action to stop this! Stop being cowards! Backward degenerates need to be caught and PUNISHED! I truly despair of the human race! Horrific! Heartbreaking! Poor, poor animals suffering across the world at the hands of the human race! Yes, nature is cruel but the human race is abhorrent!

    • Totally agree with you 110% bar none. Same horrific act should be done to these twisted, deranged scum-bags!! These beautiful, innocent dogs in no manner deserve the frightening, very painful acts done by these demented scum-bags!! Pls do same to these scum-bags & get them removed. Otherwise, guaranteed to happen again. Thank you!

  2. Jeffrey Poupard says:

    Looks like this poor little one is another victim of a dog fighting ring.
    Only stiffer penalties will curb this bullshit!

  3. Cindy Miller says:

    Disgusting humans that have no heart, more then likely a breeder who needs to be found & charged!

  4. Sick humans that hurt this little puppy!
    What is wrong with people!
    Prison time for these idiots!

  5. Find this monster and NOW!!!!
    Vigilantes in Philly unite…find this sicko AND
    well… fill in the blanks.
    An eye for an eye. Karma is a bitch!

  6. How people can be so cruel! The bastard deserves the same treatment!!!

  7. What the fuck have they done to her,hope the bastards get caught,are thrown in jail & have their asses beat on a regular basis

  8. Alice Knight says:

    What an atrocious way to treat any animal. This poor little being. I cannot fathom any reasoning why anyone would do this.
    Does anyone know what has caused Lavendar’s disfigurement? I hope anyone out there that knows who did this, will come forward and do the right thing and let the authorities know. This abuse should not go unpunished.


    • These monsters need to be banned from ever owning any animal. Also our federal law needs to change to mandate the rest of their lives in prison so no other innocent ani.al needs to SUFFER!!


  11. When are we going to get serious about this barbarism ? Oh… Wait…. Michael Vick made it clear no one cares about this cruelty and horror. What a society we have here.

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