Trump: Don’t Destroy Vital Protections for Migratory Birds

Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Don’t weaken protections for migratory birds at risk of death and injury from industrial sites.

The Trump administration has initiated its latest attack on animal rights and environmental regulations by moving to eliminate protections for migratory birds and lower fines for organizations that inadvertently kill them. The White House, with apparent support from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, has announced its intention to reinterpret the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 to define an illegal killing as one committed deliberately. Since the early 1970s, successive administrations have included under the act property developers, energy companies, and construction firms whose activities have resulted in deaths and disruptions of migratory patterns among birds.

While the Fish and Wildlife Service has claimed that this wouldn’t harm birds, much of the environmental impact statement which they prepared openly supports the conclusion that far more birds will die, and be left defenseless, if the law is interpreted more narrowly. Although the proposed changes have not yet taken effect, they would make subsequent reinterpretations and conservation efforts far more difficult for other presidents to enforce without the passage of a new law. Sign the petition below to demand that President Trump stop this effort to make his legacy one of environmental destruction.


Dear Mr. President,

For over a century, wildlife have benefited from carefully-administered protections to prevent extinction and irreparable harm. Your proposed limitations of existing laws would “likely result in increased bird mortality,” as companies will have fewer incentives to take precautions to avoid harm to migratory bird populations. This would allow companies to cause extensive harm to wildlife and numerous ecosystems with impunity, while hampering future efforts to undo the certain destruction your actions are sure to cause. I demand that you suspend efforts to eliminate crucial protections for migratory birds immediately.


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Photo credit: Diane Constable

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