Dog Allegedly Thrown Down Flight of Stairs Deserves Justice

Target: Kym L. Worthy, Wayne County, Michigan Prosecuting Attorney

Goal: Give man who allegedly threw dog down the stairs harshest legal sentence and require him to seek counseling.

A pit bull was allegedly thrown down a flight of stairs. Jacob McMillan was arrested shortly afterward for the crime. He needs to spend the maximum time behind bars and undergo anger management therapy if he is found guilty of this senseless abuse.

Reports state that McMillan admitted what he did after turning himself into authorities. The dog luckily survived the fall. However, dogs can develop internal injuries as a result of being physically abused. For example, a dog may experience internal bleeding, broken bones, and significant damage to organs after being hit, kicked, or thrown. A dog may also develop anxiety after being mistreated.

Sign this petition to demand McMillan receive the lengthiest prison sentence possible, and further demand he not be allowed around animals, and be required to seek counseling for his anger if he is found guilty of this shocking abuse.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Worthy,

Jacob McMillan was recently arrested for allegedly throwing a dog down the stairs at an apartment complex. It is important that he receive the strictest sentence possible and that he also be required to attend therapy sessions if he is found guilty to better ensure other animals will not be abused.

McMillan reportedly turned himself into police and admitted to abusing the dog. Although the animal survived, it is possible that some of the dog’s internal organs may be damaged. A veterinarian may further later discover that the dog has internal bleeding as a result of the alleged cruelty. In addition, the animal may now display fearful behaviors around humans if this abuse took place.

For these reasons, we demand you suggest McMillan receive the most stringent sentence possible, and that you also suggest he not be allowed to own animals and be required to attend counseling for anger management if he is found guilty of this crime so that such an incident will be less likely to happen again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Dante Alighieri



  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    I wish we could throw JACOB McMILLAN down a whole flight of steps to give him the same experience as he gave his dog! I bet he would be a little more empathetic toward his dog afterward. JAIL TIME & ANGER MANAGEMENT FOR THIS CREEP!

  2. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear Prosecuting Attorney Worthy,
    May your verdict in this unfortunate case serve as a lesson for all the heartless people who abuse innocent animals.

    Animal abuse must end and it would be up to you to give a severe law on the matter to be enforced throughout all the states of the USA.

    Thank you!

  3. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    Justice for this innocent dog, please …

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