Demand Pennsylvania Town Take Action Against Animal Cruelty

Target: Mary Wallick, spokesperson for the Humane League of Lancaster County

Goal: Demand that Lancaster County, Pennsylvania hire an animal cruelty investigator and revise its no-kill policy.

The Humane League of Lancaster County recently laid off one-third of its staff. Among of them was their only remaining animal cruelty investigator, leaving the city unable to properly respond to cases of abuse and neglect. This is only one of a few decisions the town has made in the past year that will put local dogs and cats at risk and something must be done immediately.

Lancaster is not only the center of Pennsylvania’s dog breeding industry, it is also home to the largest livestock auction east of the Mississippi River and more farm animals than any other county in the state. Kennels in Lancaster housed more than 114,000 dogs last year. Trucks of animals are moved to slaughter every week at auctions, including horses. The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) has rescued thousands of animals from Lancaster County in the past four years alone. These are mostly horses and other work animals on Amish and Mennonite farms where they are brutally worked and abused until they are no longer “useful” and then placed on “kill trucks” for slaughter. In short, this is the last place this decision should have happened.

The decision came as side effect of the shelter implementing a no-kill policy. It is certainly true that no-kill policies can mean financial setbacks for shelters, but the Humane League’s policy is also flawed. Rather than changing the way the organization functions so it can be more efficient and reduce euthanization rates, as many other towns have done successfully, its answer was to simply close its doors to strays. If the shelter doesn’t take in strays, there are no animals to euthanize. So not only did Lancaster fire the one person responsible for investigating cases of animal cruelty, the animals who need it most no longer have sanctuary.

Bob Baker, who has conducted numerous investigations for animal rights groups throughout Lancaster made a statement saying, “I can’t think of another county in the state where animal abuse is so prevalent with hundreds of puppy mills, an active trade in horses destined for slaughter, a notorious livestock auction, and countless farms utilizing horses often inhumanely.”

Please take a moment to sign the petition below to demand that the Humane League of Lancaster County reverse its policies and protect the thousands of animals that will now be in danger every day.


Dear Mary Wallick,

You recently fired Keith Mohler, the Humane League of Lancaster County’s only remaining animal cruelty investigator. The decision was the result of the implementation of an incredibly flawed no-kill policy. The current animal welfare situation in Lancaster, one of the worst counties in the nation for animal cruelty, is an absolute travesty.

Lancaster contains hundreds of breeders and puppy mills, moves thousands of animals to slaughter every day, and its farm animals are forced to endure some of the most brutal working conditions. It is not a place where the absence of animal cruelty protection or a refusal to take in strays should ever be tolerated.

You blame this decision on your newly implemented no-kill policy. Yes, it is true that no-kill policies often place a greater financial burden on shelters, but a no-kill policy does not mean refusing to accept strays. Hundreds of shelters across the country have successfully implemented these policies by gradually improving their efficiency so they can reduce the number of dogs and cats they euthanize. They do not, however, stop taking in strays so there aren’t any dogs to euthanize. No-kill policies are supposed to help animals, not leave them to fend for themselves.

Please do something to right this terrible injustice. The animals of Lancaster need all the help they can get.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. constable meashey says:

    They do not need a humane officer for say Pa all ready has over 1200 Sate constables who by state law can enforce pa dog laws and most livestock laws.

    you may ask then why are they not simple constables work on a fee base system and currently there is no fee’s for enforcing theses laws. all they local gov needs to do is contract with the local constables for a fee and your problem of no humane officer’s is SLOVED !! I my self do this often at the local auction
    just as part of my sworn duty to serve the people. i’m very active in my local district on dog tags and cruelty. so if everyone is so concern contact your local county officials pa title 3 read it and learn

    • Constable Meashey

      First of all, Humane Society Police Officers (HSPO) are not badged to enforce the PA dog laws. What do you mean by constables can enforce MOST livestock laws? HSPO’s can enforce ALL livestock laws. HSPO’s must receive 62 hours of intense training and afterward be tested on the information given. If you pass the test, you then must petition a judge in whichever county you wish to be badged in. Once a judge appoints you and swears you in, you are then badged to enforce the PA Anti-Cruelty Law, Title 18-Section 5511c. Are you saying that the 1200 state constables in PA have all taken these same steps to be fully capable of enforcing the anti-cruelty law in PA? Do you yourself have all knowledge of how to go about an investigation and what is considered cruelty in PA and what is not? Many times cruelty investigations are not cut and dry. Not every call is as simple as a dog with no shelter. If the case goes to a hearing, you had better have all your ducks in a row or you will lose your case and the animal(s) will continue to suffer. Sometimes hours upon hours can be spent on animal cruelty cases. Even if a constable has the required training, I highly doubt if he/she will want to spend hours or even days on one case. A badged Humane Society Police Officer is solely dedicated to enforcing the “cruelty to animals” law. They are not trained or badged to enforce any other laws, which makes them a professional in enforcing this law. Animals everywhere deserve protection against abuse and neglect and Lancaster Co. is on the top of the list. If constables can enforce animal cruelty laws and you get paid a salary for your work as a constable, then why do you think you should get an extra $25.00 to investigate a cruelty complaint? I’d like to see you get $25.00 out of someone because you had to go out and investigate a dog without proper shelter. Sometimes people don’t know what the law in PA says, concerning proper shelter for a dog. If the person says they didn’t know that a barrel isn’t considered legal as a shelter in PA and they say they will get the correct shelter, are you still going to charge them $25.00? I’ve been a HSPO for 13 years and because my organization does not have a huge amount of money, to this day, I have not received a penny for my services. Some organizations need to pay their officers, not everyone can do a job and not get paid for it. You wouldn’t expect a car salesman to do the job of a car mechanic just because he knows something about cars. Some jobs are best left to the person that is the professional in that line of work.

      • It never ceases to amaze me how some people think that, because they were born human, then God’s animal creations are nothing more than dirt! You people are the lowest form of life. After all the ways animals have unselfishly helped humans, how can you make this statement?Animals have saved MANY people’s lives. The list is too long to write here, but unless you can’t read or see, I know you know what I mean. From the dog’s in the military saving soldier’s lives to the cat, dog or bird that awakened their families to a fire, to dogs that sniff out cancer. You people need to thank the man above for his blessing of giving us animals, instead of focusing so much on your high and mighty dislike of the creatures we share this world with!

      • Linda, excellent explanation. I hope that Constable Meashey reads it!

  2. That would require Joan “Doris Day” Brown and her over paid and under
    worked lackies to take less money and that will never happen as long as she is running the place. The hourly employees and volunteer’s are the reason the humane league was successful. The problem is Joan and friends. Kieth will be missed by the abused puppies

    • constablemeashey says:

      This has nothing to do with the humane society they have no authority over constable’s all the county needs to do is set a fee up per say around $25.00 per complaint you would have every local constable jumping on the band wagon. saving these animals at a much reduce cost to the county. constable supply’s all there own insurance’s all and all equipment !!

      Nothing come’s out of the tax payers pocket even the $25.00 would come out of the pocket of the abuser’s
      or face summary charges up to $300.00 or even worse depends on the abuse listen people it’s a win win

      a win for animal’s and a win for the tax payer and a win for the constables only loser is the abuser

      Read some state statute’s everything confers to the power of the constable oldest law enforcement in the state

      how are tax payers going to afford this new Lancaster animal society that just open up ? they want to charge $300.00 per dog to all government’s in the area if the local police do not want take the time effort in finding the owners then hire constable’s out !!

      why pay a officer $30 to $40 per hr for dog complaints that’s silly they got real crime to fight !!!

      • Constable Meashey
        You stated that animal abusers, if found guilty, can be fined up to $300.00. This is just one thing you are not correct about. Someone found guilty under the anti-cruelty law in PA can face a fine of up to $750.00.
        Also, I do not know what Keith Mohler’s salary was, but I highly doubt it was $30.-$40. an hour. Most of the HSPOs I work with work pro-bono..

  3. I’m afraid you are very misguided in starting this petition. The WORSE thing you can do is to encourage this organization to reverse it’s decision and stay in business. If there was an HONEST appraisal of what has gone on at HLLC, you would realize that Joan Brown has no interest in protecting animals. She is protecting the $100,000 salary she is receiving. Her goal is to go no-kill to further delude the community into believing that this organization cares about the animals of the county. She only thinks that the donations will increase if they go no-kill. She has mismanaged the millions of dollars that tis organization had when she started her rein of stupidity and they are now $900,000 in debt due to the rediculous policies and programs she has allowed. There is no money left to rehire Keith. The people that worked there, that truly cared and spoke up about the abusiveness are goin…no one was ever allowed to have an opinion that differed from Joan Brown and Megan Gallagher. If they did, they were history!! Look at their financial records, dig into the deceptive way they skewed their numbers of euthenasia for grants and you will see that the best thing for the county of Lancaster is for this travesty of an organization to go bankrupt, and for the public to DEMAND and support a better way for its animals to be treated. Let the SPCA hire Keith…give your money to them and let’s start over and try to do it right!! without Joan Brown and Megan Gallagher and anyone from HLLC who have always put their own interest above the interest of the animals!!

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