Stop the Mistreatment of Farm Animals at Slaughter Facilities

Target: Dr. Siddika Mithani, Canadian Food Inspection Agency President

Goal: Demand that the government upholds their commitment and ensures the humane treatment of farm animals at slaughter facilities.

Farm animals are brutally abused at slaughter facilities, despite regulations mandating humane handling. They are forced to end their lives in fear and pain because the rules and regulations for humane slaughter of farm animals, legislated by the Meat Inspection Act and Regulations, go unimplemented.

There are many issues with the current humane slaughter practices. Specifically, their regulations are weak and do not adequately cover all aspects of humane treatment. Most shockingly, they are rarely enforced. This is mostly due to government inspectors neglecting their duty and being absent during key inspection times. Because of this lack of implementation, animals are being regularly abused before being killed.

Animals receive rough handling and excessive and unnecessary shocks from electric prods. They are improperly stunned so they are still partially conscious when they are hung upside down and have their throats’ slit. Accounts have been documented of fully cognizant poultry being hung on the processing assembly line by broken legs.

These horrific examples of pain and suffering are unacceptable. While slaughterhouses are despicable for allowing such cruelty, the fault lies with the branch of government responsible for allowing these animals to succumb to a horrific fate. Their neglect of proper inspection is often the result of insufficient resources available. It is time the agriculture sector puts more funding and other resources towards ensuring the protection and fair treatment of farm animals.

Sign this petition to demand that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency stop these acts of animal abuse, and properly enforce the regulated humane slaughter of farm animals.


Dear Dr. Siddika Mithani,

All animals deserve to live their lives without pain or suffering, and they deserve to end their lives in the same way. Yet this is rarely the case for animals that are sent to slaughter houses. Due to lax adherence to the mandated humane slaughter regulations, these animals often suffer horrible abuse.

Animals are roughly handled and battered. They are improperly stunned and partially conscious when they are slaughtered. Poultry are hung upside down by their broken legs. This list of abuse these animals receive at government regulated facilities is deplorable and cannot be allowed to continue.

Because these facilities are supposedly supervised by the government, the fault of this animal cruelty lies with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. We demand that they take their responsibilities seriously, and ensure that farm animals at slaughter facilities are treated humanely.


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Photo Credit: Thomas Bjørkan



  1. I have signed the petition—

  2. Well a slaughterhouse will never be a happy place.

  3. Don’t contribute to the suffering of animals, don’t eat meat. Why slaughterhouse workers have to be so mean is beyond me. It’s disgusting and very sad.

  4. Gabriela Torres says:

    As a rule people who work in those places are persons that don’t have any regrets for what they do, they are- cruel, sadistic individuals who besides of killing them, also enjoy abusing and torturing the animals until they finally die.
    Mr. Mithani please try to negotiate with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to end this barbaric abuse of animals.

  5. Justin Recht says:

    People working in this industry should undergo a psychiatric evaluation – seems sadists’ and disturbed have an uncontrolled outlet. Hope they get what they dish out, and a 1000 times more.

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