Stop Reported Overbreeding, Exploitation, and Sale of Farmed Puppies

Target: Elizabeth Culbert, Head of Legal Services for Brighton & Hove City Council

Goal: Prosecute individuals responsible for alleged puppy farm.

A spaniel named Lucy began an animal welfare movement in England. The innocent dog was repeatedly bred and victimized at a puppy farm, suffering immensely before being rescued. Her harrowing case inspired Lucy’s Law, which safeguards young puppy litters from exploitation by unlicensed and unregulated puppy farm breeders. Now a case in Brighton, England is putting this new law to the test.

Allegations of puppy farm-related activity brought authorities to a caravan and two additional unidentified properties. One grown dog and four puppies were then removed from the properties. The animals are believed to be part of an operation that has resulted in massive illegal puppy sales throughout the city. Charges are pending for anyone involved in the alleged heinous activities.

Sign the petition below to ensure all suspects are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Ms. Culbert,

You vowed charges against any identified individuals “involved in this illegal and appalling trade,” referring to the alleged puppy farm sales in Brighton. If such a blatant violation of animal welfare standards has taken place within the city, the number of victims could be immense. Each of these innocent living beings deserves justice.

Please honor your promise to prosecute all suspects and seek a fitting punishment under Lucy’s Law. Demonstrate that this initiative can truly make a difference.


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Photo Credit: Kitty Green



  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    PUPPY FARMS & PUPPY MILLS should have been completely outlawed, LONG, LONG AGO! What does it take to get these evil places shut down????

  2. Gloria Navan says:

    Yes, these are adorable pups. Each puo purchased is at the cost of an adoptable
    animal probably being out down. Puppies are a business with breeders…they
    make a lot of money while the dogs do all the work.

  3. Puppy farms are cruel and barbaric. They definitely must be banned internationally.

  4. Manuela Lopez says:

    Enough making money off innocent animals.
    Green beats compassion every time.

    Humans suck

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