Stop Feeding Dangerous, Unnatural Hormones to Cattle

Target: Dr. Siddika Mithani, President of Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Goal: Stop subjecting cows to artificial manipulation for human profit.

The practice of giving growth hormones to beef cows is a disgusting manipulation of an animal for human profit. Many reasons attempting to justify growth hormones to the consumer have been touted by government and health organizations, and this is a disgusting display of human arrogance to abuse an animal for personal gain.

Growth hormones are used to affect all aspects of a cow’s life by forcing their bodies into an unnatural rhythm and development. As the name implies, growth hormones are given to beef cows to make them grow faster than they should.  This forces their bodies to convert their food into muscle faster than their bodies are meant to.

These performance manipulating technologies are also used to alter an animal’s breeding behavior. They are used to force a female cow’s estrus and reproduction performance into a human dictated pattern that has no regard for the cow’s needs.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is responsible for overseeing the use of growth hormones, and also monitoring the levels of hormones found in beef at processing. If these hormones given to animals require such rigorous scrutiny, then perhaps they are not as safe as the industry implies. And since every animal that is butchered is not inspected, there is the possibility that adulterated meat is being sold to the unsuspecting consumer.

Medical research mandates withdrawal periods following the implantation of growth hormones, and declare these hormones “safe” for human consumption. Yet by “safe,” they simply mean that the trace amounts detected are within the allowable limit that they arbitrarily self-declare.

These unnatural stimulants are either injected under the skin or mixed into the animals’ feed. In fact, a single cow can be given up to six different growth promoters at one time. All of these unnatural stimulants are used to reduce the cost of producing beef, but this focus on the end product comes at the expense of the living creature who produces it.

Subjecting animals to this unnatural augmentation is an abhorrent wrongdoing against the animal and nature. Despite claims that growing animals quickly has less of an impact on the environment, environmental welfare is a hypocritical excuse for abusing a living creature.

Canada already prohibits the use of growth hormones in most other animals, including dairy cows, sheep, pigs, and poultry. Let beef cows be giving the same opportunity to grow without our interference.

Sign the petition to support a ban on giving growth hormones to cows.


Dear Dr. Siddika Mithani,

Supplementing cows with growth hormones is a disgusting modification of a animal. Canada currently prohibits the use of growth hormones in some livestock, including dairy cows, pigs, and poultry. Cattle raised for beef should be no exception, and it is time to stop this unnatural practice.

Hormones are used to manipulate a cow’s breeding and growth. This practice is not done to benefit the animal, but forces them to develop unnaturally for human profit. Whatever benefits growth hormones are proposed to have, the use of them is a cruelty to animals and a perversion of nature.

I urge you to ban the use of growth hormones in Canada.


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Photo Credit: Anat Refuah


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  1. Justin Recht says:

    I encourage people to research themselves and see what kind of genetic damage these hormones cause in their body, embryos and DNA.

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