Free Gay Men Facing Brutal Public Caning Under Homophobic Regime

Target: Jokowi Widodo, President of Indonesia

Goal: Free two men facing public caning as punishment for having sex with each other and end the persecution of homosexuals.

Two Indonesian men are facing a brutal public caning after a neighbor caught them having sex with each other. Per witnesses, they were dragged into the street by an angry mob before police were notified. They will be charged under Aceh’s law prohibiting gay sex and face a punishment of up to 100 lashes, if found guilty.

This is certainly not the first time that gay men have suffered under this brutal and antiquated law in Aceh. In 2017, two men were caned 83 times after neighbors broke into their home and found them in bed together. A year later, two other men received 87 lashes after being convicted of having gay sex. Aceh is the only Muslim-majority province in Indonesia that abides by Islamic Sharia law, which strictly forbids gay sex.

The United Nations Human Rights Council has taken up this cause, appealing to President Widodo to tackle homophobia in the province and free anyone detained due to their LGBTQ status. However, these horrific punishments continue. Sign below and demand that the president free these two men and end this attack on gay people at once.


Dear President Widodo,

Two men are facing up to 100 lashes with a cane after they were found having sex with each other. These men were dragged from the privacy of home and into the street while they waited for Aceh police to arrest them. Now, facing charges of having gay sex, they await a public punishment so horrific and humiliating that The United Nations Human Rights Council has condemned its use.

These men have not caused harm to anyone and being gay is not a crime, even if antiquated laws saw otherwise. I demand that you take a stand against homophobia, free these innocent men, and abolish this law at once before anyone else gets hurt needlessly.


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