Stop Using Conspiracy Theories to Enact Marriage Discrimination

Target: Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Goal: Do not ban inter-faith marriages between Hindus and Muslims.

India has long faced criticism for its child marriages. Rather than taking a strong stand against this destructive practice, the country is instead focusing its fire-power on marriages between consenting adults. Several regions are proposing bans on inter-faith unions between Muslims and Hindus.

Politicians have used inflammatory rhetoric like “love jihad” to characterize the marriages. They claim a widespread conspiracy of Muslim men marrying Hindu women and forcefully converting them to Islam.  The chief minister of India’s most densely populated state, in a twisted bit of irony, even issued a not-so-veiled threat against these supposedly violent men: “if you don’t mend your ways, your funerals will begin soon.”

In reality, research has largely debunked these fears. Most of the allegations of so-called “love jihad” come from families driven by good, old-fashioned xenophobia and archaic dictates about whom their daughters should marry. India cannot continue to police the private lives of its citizens in the name of allegedly pure intentions or promotion of the public welfare.

Sign the petition below to urge government officials to stop trying to dictate peoples’ most personal choices.


Dear Prime Minister Modi,

“Love jihad” is a prevalent conspiracy theory that has unfortunately taken root in many sectors of your government. As a result, millions of citizens could soon have their love lives and their most personal decisions decided for them. The proposed bans on inter-faith unions between Hindus and Muslims would be legally and morally wrong and would represent a sizeable step backwards for a country that wants to move forward.

Baseless claims and impassioned speeches (laced with troubling, violent rhetoric against those unfairly accused of violence) cannot cover up or make more palatable what would be government-sanctioned discrimination. Please leave affairs of the heart to your citizens. If you want to focus government resources on marriage, take on the countless child marriages that continue to victimize this country’s youth in unimaginable ways.


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  1. Government officials need to stop trying to say who a couple can and can’t marry if they choose to marry someone of an other faith.

  2. Elizabeth Story says:

    It should not be a government’s role to dictate to consenting adults who they can or cannot marry.

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