Give Ousted Leaders Who Refused Blind Loyalty to Trump Their Jobs Back

Target: Joe Biden, President-Elect of the United States

Goal: Consider rehiring fired civil servants and agency employees who help ensure nation’s security.

“You’re fired”: President Donald Trump gained notoriety with these words years ago on reality television, but now he is using them as a weapon that could have widespread implications for national security. Since the election, the president has continued a dizzying array of dismissals (many by tweet) that include key officials in the National Nuclear Security Administration, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Two more recent firings—the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and top-ranking cybersecurity head Chris Krebs—have invited particular backlash and controversy because of the theorized reasons for the dismissals.

Krebs, the most current firing, was abruptly relieved from his duties shortly after he declared the 2020 election (which the president’s team is working hard to undermine) “the most secure in history.” Krebs himself played a prominent role in safeguarding the election from foreign interference and in fighting back against online disinformation campaigns… likely the true source of President Trump’s ire as he frequently spreads disinformation. Security professionals have warned that losing this expert at such a crucial period for America will leave it vulnerable to cyber and infrastructure attacks by adversaries.

The loss of defense chief Esper invokes similar worries. The former secretary has reportedly been on the president’s hit list since he pushed back on Trump-proposed deployment of military troops against protesters. In a seeming premonition of his fate, then-Secretary Esper gave an interview where he implied he might soon be replaced by a “yes man”…an assertion he followed with a “God help us.” Esper’s prediction has seemingly been fulfilled to the letter, as the president has switched all of the career officials he has fired with loyalists to him.

Sign the petition below to urge President-Elect Biden to consider rehiring some of the dedicated men and women who put loyalty to the country before subservience to one man.


Dear President-Elect Biden,

“In 2020, we’ve got the president doing our foreign adversaries’ work.”—Security Official Jason Glassberg

“I serve the country in deference to the Constitution, so I accept your decision to replace me.”—former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

“We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership….this is not the time for stunts. This is the time for leadership.”—former Secretary of Defense James Mattis

In the past few troubling weeks, such words and loyalty to the country’s founding principles have gotten numerous civil servants fired via presidential tweet. The abrupt and often baseless dismissals of individuals in agencies crucial to this nation’s national security put the entire nation in a precarious and dangerous position. The most recent ouster of America’s top cybersecurity official, Chris Krebs, emblemizes the peril the country faces as it remains hostage to its leader’s moods and revenge-driven whims. More respected leaders from other critical agencies like the FBI and CIA may soon fall as well.

Please, Mr. President-Elect, be ready to step fully into the leadership role of which former Secretary Mattis speaks. And please make sure you surround yourself with a team defined by its qualifications, not its spinelessness. As one of your first acts, please undertake a full review of all the president’s recent firings. If any of these individuals meet and exceed the important standards described above, please consider welcoming them back as faithful servants to the United States.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Camila Ferreira Mario Duran


  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    It saddens me to see that Force Change continues to be hateful, spiteful and deplorable toward our great president! Hopefully, you will see the light in the coming weeks, rather than the darkness that envelopes you at present!

    • Just ignore the brainwashed frump supporters,,,They’ll realise that trump is out soon!!
      Don’t give up on this site,,, Don’t turn ur back on Animals that need all our help & voices…

    • Yes, force change you need to be prayed for that you fo SEE THE LIGHT, instead of this darkness that you are imposing on others!!!

  2. I completely agree with you Linda. If this site is going to continue to lean toward liberal politics, I’m going to unsubscribe from the site. If I wanted politics, I would get on a political site. Force Change used to be about the animals, but it seems that more and more, they are pushing a liberal, hateful agenda. Very disappointing!

    • Hi Peggy and Linda
      Don’t quit this site,,, It’s for the Animals!! Don’t turn ur back on Animals that NEED OUR HELP..
      Trump losers will soon get lost,,, when it sinks in that Trump is out!!

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