Death is Not Disease Prevention: No More Culling of Innocent Animals

Target: Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark

Goal: Call off mass culling of tens of millions of mink and promote life-saving fur industry restrictions instead.

Once again, human exploitation of animals may have fueled a public health danger. And once again, innocent animals appear to be the ones paying the biggest price. Now, upwards of 17 million mink in Denmark may pay with their lives.

A mutated form of the novel coronavirus may have spread in the mink population over several months. Scientists believe the disease may have jumped to humans, prompting fears of another outbreak. If the transmission has happened, it likely occurred because of the country’s multi-million-dollar mink fur industry…the largest such production in the world.

While precautions are understandable, this mass culling would be incredibly inhumane and probably ineffective. The country has already attempted more limited culling: a move that has resulted in failure to contain the spread. Many of the animals that will die may not even be sick. If this country really wants to be proactive, it should place much stronger limits and restrictions on the contact humans have with wild animals, especially in the mink industry.

Sign the petition below to demand Denmark put life before profit and reverse its destructive culling plan.


Dear Prime Minister Frederiksen,

The planned culling of millions of mink is wrong on many levels. Condemning innocent (often healthy) living beings to death in order to prevent disease will never be a sound or acceptable option. Imagine if the world took that approach to human beings suffering from COVID-19.

Moreover, the culling initiatives conducted previously yielded no benefit. This disease, like so many, extends its tentacles through human recklessness. Putting humans in such close and frequent contact with animals living in the wild is and has always been an impending date with disaster.

Much like we are asked to social distance from each other, the best means of prevention is simply staying away from potentially infected animals. Such a commitment would likely mean stronger restrictions on the mink fur industry. Even if these steps cut into profits in the short-term, they might save countless lives (both animal and human) in the long-term.

Please do not sacrifice these innocent animals for a half-baked plan that will not even in all probability work. Stop the culling, and start seeking solutions that will save lives, not senselessly end them.


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Photo Credit: Peter Trimming



  1. Manuela Lopez says:

    Dam murders. Who is still wearing dead animals????

  2. Linda Cummings says:

    Caging these beautiful animals in gruesome conditions for fucking fashion is sick. They NEVER should have been put in this hidious situation in the first place.

  3. These evil; animal abusing murdering scumbags must be exterminated y means of a slow and agonising death!

  4. These human murders are seeking money over the lives of thousands of innocent animals who have done nothing wrong except be born!!! Owners need to check their animals to be sure they are not infected so the infected ones do not continue to spread the disease. There needs to be stronger restrictions on the mink fur industry. These cute little animals have done nothing to deserve being murdered. Yes they can be mean but they to want a life her on earth & to be alive.

  5. 1500 Mink farms in Denmark, that we known off, are slaughtering all the minks,,,, just in case of another covid disease…. These poor Animals are being murdered in the most horrendous ways. How fucking scum are these evil Animal torturers exploiters bastard murderers… The poor Animals live a life of suffering and misery as it is… suffering and dying terribly either way.
    Love them all xxxx

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