End Sale of Private Information for Military Use

Target: Christopher C. Miller, Acting Secretary, United States Department of Defense

Goal: Publicly disavow violations of individual privacy through data purchases.

Revelations that numerous apps have sold location data to vendors who then sell it to U.S. military forces have sparked outrage in hundreds of countries. While some of the apps used were as innocuous as one used to level shelves, the most controversial was Muslim Pro, a Muslim prayer app that has been downloaded over 140 million times worldwide. Users of Muslim Pro have little in common apart from their faith, relying on the app to remind them of prayer times, the direction of Mecca, and which verses to recite.

The information purchased details the movements of millions of private individuals in order to support, as the United States Special Operations Command USSOCOM puts it, “Special Operations Forces mission requirements overseas.” However, as citizens of sovereign states who have not agreed to this use of their data, users of apps like Muslim Pro deserve to know that their data will not be used to unfairly target them. Sign the petition below to demand that these data sales end immediately.


Dear Acting Secretary Miller,

The purchase of private information by agencies of the United States military caused justifiable outrage across the world as Muslims find themselves targeted for little more than practicing Islam. While the protection of civil society from terrorist threats is an essential function of U.S. security forces, this does not justify an invasion of privacy which could rightly be seen as unconstitutional if perpetrated against U.S. citizens. I demand that purchases of individuals’ data for the purposes of military aims cease immediately.


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