Stop Abandoning Roosters to Starve and Freeze

Target: Sonny Perdue, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Goal: Prevent roosters from falling victim to brutality after they are abandoned.

People looking for a quick egg supply during the pandemic have inadvertently created an ongoing animal welfare crisis. As more individuals seek baby chicks as pets, few stop to consider whether they may be getting a rooster in the bargain. The sex of a newborn chick is often not readily apparent at the time the animal is sold. Since roosters cannot lay eggs, can be rowdy, and can become aggressive as they mature, many owners who purchased them young abandon them as a result.

The consequences for the rooster can be dire. Most animal shelters lack the capacity to care for these animals, and rescue groups are limited in many areas. These factors can mean the rooster is eventually let loose in the wild. He may be able to survive for a period in milder weather, but once cold temperatures hit his chances go down significantly. If the elements do not take their toll, the rooster is still at risk from predators or lack of feeding options.

The patchwork of state laws does nothing to help offset this problem. Some regions forbid the keeping of roosters while others allow it. The regulations for areas that do permit rooster-keeping vary wildly. The issue of rooster abandonment is not even clear-cut. In some states, abandoning these animals will get the individual a charge of animal cruelty. In other states, a slap on the wrist or no action at all may come.

Sign the petition below to ask the department tasked with overseeing the welfare of animals nationwide to provide better guidance on this critical issue.


Dear Secretary Perdue,

The Department of Agriculture has administered the Animal Welfare Act for over five decades. In that time, numerous amendments have been rendered necessary. A rapidly developing problem is currently impacting the welfare of an animal central to agriculture itself: the rooster.

Countless roosters have been abandoned in the past few months as inexperienced and ill-equipped purchasers realize the unique challenges in raising these animals. Unfortunately, when many owners discover their new pet cannot lay eggs, they rapidly lose interest. This dangerous trend that imperils these animals cannot continue to go unrecognized and un-remedied.

Please advocate for federal guidelines to better protect these increasingly vulnerable animals. Consider stronger restrictions on purchasing roosters. Most importantly, ensure cruel abandonment visited on them receives a fitting penalty under the law. Please help save these innocents from thoughtless, reckless behavior.


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  1. Please see about animals being treated well in the rooster bird area. They are special and unique birds.

    • Brenda Burke says:

      If this was a mammal of some sort there would be dozens of people wanting justice. If you are a true animal lover it includes all animals.

      • Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

        Very Good Brenda, you’re absolutely right!! And SHAME ON THOSE PEOPLE THAT WOULD BE SO CRUEL TO DO SUCH THING..these are intelligent living breathing sentient animals they suffer and feel pain and that’s wrong for any animal!! The Ag Secretary and Ag MUST get a handle on this with proper laws and guidelines so as to not have these inexperienced and ill-equipped purchasers discover their new pet cannot lay eggs, then rapidly lose interest. This dangerous trend that imperils these animals CANNOT CONTINUE to go unrecognized and un-remedied!!! SIGNED!!


  3. Humanity stinks!!! We are so cruel.

  4. Patricia Wicker says:


  5. Cindy Miller says:

    All lives matter! How people can be so cruel to just abandon an animal on it own after it been taken care of won’t know how to take of it self.

    • Dolores Proubasta says:

      Well said Cindy. Sad to see, however, that those who yell about race, gender, and even the unborn don’t give a second thought about the horrors we commit on nonhumans. Something’s wrong here … oh year: humans are wrong.

  6. What should be done about them then? If people have to keep them, then they’ll be grinded up alive.

    What has this petition proposed as an alternative? What should be done with all those thousands of male chicks?

    Everyone stop buying eggs and go vegan? be realistic!

  7. All those guilty of this horror need to be securely confined to a steel cage and have no coat or protective clothing, blankets etc. If they freeze to death, who cares. It is well past time that those who abuse,torture, mistreat and kill need to suffer the same. IN MY OPINION

  8. We really need to learn to THINK in this country. It’s like many of us have no brains or intelligence anymore. Let’s wake up and start being responsible in animal welfare.

  9. American Girl says:

    I took one in that was abandoned, this guy was in love with me! Had him for a couple of years, them one day he disappeared. I searched, no sign. Then one day I had a couple of guys here from a yard cleaning crew, Honduran & a Cuban and in Spanish were talking about eating the rooster, the assholes didn’t know that I understood spanish! I fired the douchebags on the spot only after shoving the one guy to the ground first. They must’ve thought I was crazy! Then when I told their boss what had happened, because they caused him the yrly contract here, he fired them period! They bring their 3rd world practices here, and that is disgusting! Total fkn savages!

  10. Nadine brundage says:

    Even a rooster has feelings. The USDA needs to do much more in animal protection . Humans are a pathetic breed, heartless and cruel to animals.

  11. Can’t this roosters be raised for food, correctly, not abused nor torture, with respect as all animals should? If not for humans (why?) for
    other animals like carnivores at zoos?

  12. Isobel doyle says:

    This kind of torcher and cruelty needs to stop.first off we need to stop producing the
    Eggs that are then hatched to be chicks sold
    In this kind of market place. This is disgusting. I am sure this is very prevalent in china where they can have no care or thought to suffering is obvious
    Due to those dog and cat markets where animals
    Are sold and torched for their meat. It is disgusting.we as americans need to stop buying
    Into these business and trades. Shame on any one who is involved.

  13. Maria Bertrand says:

    Dear Secretary Perdue…Please do everything you can to protect all these roosters. Please protect them by putting in place stronger restrictions on purchasing them. Also, please punish all those who abandon the roosters… TO THE MAX!

    What vile pathetic people that would abandon them… or any animal! Everything is watched and seen!

  14. It is actually quite easy to purchase a girl rather than a boy. If you buy at a reputable place, the young hens are marked as “pullets”. Males will be sold in a mixed group called “straight run”. Only buy pulllets, if you want hens. Straight runs contain hens and roosters but are too hard to sex. Don’t let chickens to fend for themselves, if no longer wanted. They can live for awhile on seeds and bugs in warm weather but will end up dying in winter or eaten by predators. Take responsibility!

  15. I had a rooster — he was one of my best friends. No animal has ever loved me more, nor I him. He was so sweet. Roosters are very intelligent and know when you love them.

  16. Animal abusers must be wiped off the planet. A slow and agonising death for these evil cretins ism essential.

  17. Animal abusers internationally must have the mandatory death penalty performed on them!

  18. Find the sick freaks who do/did this and hang them!!!!

  19. Shirley Lemieux says:

    There should be better guide lines for this problem. A more sensible and easier solution would be to wait until the sex of the chicks can be determined before selling them. This would certainly help prevent the abandonment of Roosters.

  20. Agree all comments.
    Justice now Stop cruely now these animals dont ask to be born its fucken cruel people in this world and laws need to get there fucken act together and do something about this and these bastards. Justice now for poor defenseless animalsthat cant do anything. People that do this shit should be tortured.

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