Do Not Leave US Senate Without Representation of Black Women

Target: Gavin Newsom, Governor of California

Goal: Appoint a Black woman to the US Senate.

As Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris prepares to move into her position at the White House, her Senate seat will be left vacant. Once Harris transitions out of the Senate, there will be no Black women in that chamber of Congress at all. The US government was founded on the ideal of representing all of the citizens of the United States. As such, it is non-negotiable that the Senate should function without an individual that represents the perspectives of Black women. If there are no Black women in the Senate, that chamber is not a proper representation of the population it seeks to govern.

Governor Newsom will be appointing a new Senator to the seat vacated by Harris. He has not commented on his plans to fill the seat and has not responded to options to meet with advocacy groups like The California Legislative Black Caucus, who are pushing for Governor Newsom to appoint a Black woman. There are many Black female politicians that are capable and qualified to fill the Senate seat. It is imperative that Governor Newsom appoint a Senator who will create a more full and realistic representation of the population. Sign this petition to urge Governor Newsom to appoint a Black woman to the California Senate seat vacated by Vice President-elect Harris.


Dear Governor Newsom,

The United States government was created to serve and represent the voices of the people. This can only be properly done if all of the people are represented in the government. The Senate seat that will be vacated by Vice President-Elect Harris will leave the Senate with absolutely no Black women. It would be a failure to appoint someone who lacks the personal experience and perspective to serve the population.

There are many politicians who are overqualified, committed to justice, and who are Black women. I urge you to appoint a Black woman to the Senate when the seat is freed by Vice President-Elect Harris.


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Photo Credit: United States Senate

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