Save Displaced Innocents From Civil War, Starvation, and Violent Death

Target: Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Goal: Peacefully resolve conflicts to help suffering citizens in danger of starving and dying.

Rationed food and fuel for millions of people, upwards of 50,000 children dealing with new realities as refugees, and mutilated corpses lining the streets: these harsh images signal an urgent humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia. For the embattled country, the suffering could grow immeasurably worse as leaders inch perilously closer to civil war. A brewing conflict with nearby Egypt could compound the crisis.

Two forces —Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and opposing Tigray region leaders—have accused each other of illegitimate governance and of deadly violence. While these forces battle for power, innocent civilians have become collateral damage. Neighboring Sudan has already seen 11,000 refugees and expects over 100,000 more. Desperate families still in the country have lined up for needed food and alarming videos have emerged of seemingly butchered bodies. To make matters worse, a dam under construction has put the nation at odds with Egypt, who sees the project as a threat to its own future.

In an ironic twist of fate, the man at the center of these controversies—Abiy Ahmed recently won a Nobel Peace Prize, making his hardline stance and refusal to negotiate these stability-shattering conflicts all the more alarming. Sign the petition below to urge the prime minister to live up to his title as peace-maker.


Dear Dr. Ahmed,

“Pounding targets with precision”; “crush the TPLF”; “concerns that Ethiopia will descend into chaos are unfounded”: these are hardly the statements of a negotiator, a  peace-maker, or Nobel Peace Prize winner. The Tigray conflict will not be solved by denial, by authoritarian-style military assaults, or by sheer brutal force. You may “crush” the perceived enemy in the short-term, but in the long-term you are left with a fragmented, destabilized country.

Please reconsider your options before it is too late. Stop rejecting peace talks and come to the negotiating table in good faith, not only with opposition leaders but with Egyptian leaders as well. The inner conflict in Ethiopia may have temporarily usurped the dam dispute with Egypt, but the longer these concerns are ignored the more they will fester and threaten stability even more.

Prime Minister, people are starving. They are dying. Thousands are fleeing for their very lives Do not abandon them. Be the leader they need, not the one they distrust and fear.


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Photo Credit: Michael Lindsey


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  1. Civil war is scary. It is awful when the enemy comes from outside, but even more terrible when he is very close, in your country. There were 213 civil wars between 1816 and 1997, 104 of which occurred from 1944 to 1997. This number is shocking. I learned this information with the help of this articles.
    If you, like me, worry about the fate of people who suffered from the civil war, take the time to these articles. After all, knowing history is the first step towards not repeating previous mistakes.

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