Investigate Toxic Barrels of DDT Leaking Into the Ocean

Target: Jared Blumenfeld, Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Determine the extent of acid waste dumped off California coast and initiate urgently-needed cleanup.

The long-held suspicion that California chemical manufacturers dumped thousands of barrels of DDT, a highly toxic pesticide, directly into the Pacific Ocean has finally been confirmed in new footage from University of California scientists. Using an underwater robot, the scientists followed traces of the contamination to find the ocean floor near Santa Catalina Island littered with barrels leaking toxic materials. DDT is suspected to cause cancers in humans and wildlife and to destroy beneficial microorganisms in soil, leading to its total ban in 1972.

Although several chemical companies found guilty of dumping or pouring excess DDT stocks into the ocean have since settled with the government, the dumping of barrels in unapproved sites was never settled because the dumping took place under cover of night and without the public release of records. Sign the petition below to demand that the extent of the damage be determined, and cleanup work begun.


Dear Secretary Blumenfeld,

The discovery of thousands of barrels of DDT in Californian waters is confirmation of decades-old suspicions held by scientists and environmental advocates. This lethal substance, believed to cause serious health problems and environmental damage, was known to have been dumped close to coasts from the 1950s to the 1970s. The newly-discovered barrels, some punctured to force them to sink, could be responsible for extensive harm in years to come. I urge you to investigate the extent of the dumping ground and begin immediate cleanup proceedings to protect human, plant, and animal life.


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Photo credit: Ken Lund



  1. Richard Hofman says:

    Did these atrocities Native Americans in their own land? Of course, not!
    It was the robbers who tasted their land up and then plundered properly out!

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    EPA: Declare this site a priority for clean up!!!

  3. Justin Recht says:

    The Pontius Pilatus syndrome – everyone washing their hands to prove innocence.
    As long as the salaries are good – the rest who gives a damn.
    Stinkers rule.

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