Protect Newly Discovered Monkey From Extinction

Target: Ohn Win, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, Myanmar

Goal: Demand protection for critically endangered, newly-discovered primate species.

A species of monkey previously unknown to science is already facing extinction due to increasing human activity, pollution, and a shrinking habitat. The Popa langur, named for an extinct volcano in Myanmar where most members of the species live, has existed undisturbed for nearly 1 million years, only being captured on film in 2018. However, with only 200-250 individuals still alive in the wild, the species is considered critically endangered.

Human exploitation of natural resources such as minerals, timber, and palm oil have shrunk the world’s forests by more than half a million square miles, pushing animals like the Popa langur to the brink of extinction long before there’s sufficient time to study, appreciate, or protect them. Sign the petition below to demand that Myanmar’s government safeguard the remaining Popa langurs to give them a chance to avoid their complete loss before it’s too late.


Dear Minister Ohn Win,

The discovery of the Popa langur, a previously unknown primate species, is a reminder of the remarkable natural diversity of our planet and the resilience of animal species. Sadly, the realization that this rare animal is already under the threat of extinction is yet more evidence of the destructiveness of human industry. If left unprotected, the Popa langur could be lost forever. Therefore, I urge you to extend official protection to the species in the form of research and conservation grants and increased vigilance by state-employed foresters.


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Photo credit: Ljuba brank



  1. Save them and protect them from blood money beings–GOD GIVE ANOTHER CHANCE TO MULTIPLY THEM–THANK YOU.

  2. Dolores Proubasta says:

    Protect them from everyone … especially the Chinese.

  3. American Girl says:

    Please prioritize the saving of these beautiful creatures.

  4. Maria Bertrand says:

    Please safeguard the remaining Popa langurs…DO NOT let them become extinct.

    These creatures hurt no one … so do everything to protect them!

  5. Michelle Stewart says:

    It must be made illegal to hurt or kill them. There must be a law made to have them declared endangered so they are protected.

  6. Please save these beautiful monkeys! Humans just keep encroaching on wildlife more and more, driving them to extinction!

  7. If I found a new species of ANYTHING, I would tell NO ONE! I would just happy and let them live the peaceful life that they deserve! These beautiful innocent beings will hunted, caged, eaten,exploited for tourists, sent to labs for experiments , because that is what Asians do! I’ve been to China , Ive seen the horrors! Same in Myanmar,Cambodia, Vietnam,Thailand , no compassion! So sad!


    • Christine your comment is so true.
      “DON’T LET THE TRUMPS SEE IT, OR THEY’LL WANT TO HUNT IT DOWN AND MURDER IT IMMEDIATELY”!! The Trumps are the most corrupt and animal torturing murdering monsters on our planet.Down with the Trumps the monsters on our planet earth.

  9. Myanmar’s government has an OBLIGATION to SAFEGUARD the remaining POPA LANGURS to give them a chance to avoid their complete loss before it’s too late.

  10. Isn’t it a shame that we even need petitions like this in order to protect any animals?!?!?
    Humans are the worse species here.

  11. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Please consider doing all that you can to protect these species of monkeys. Destruction of habitat and land is the demon behind so many special animal species on our planet that deserve to be protected.

  12. Yolanda Carrizales says:

    Beautiful species may they be protected from evil predators. 🙏🙏

  13. I demand protection for critically endangered, newly-discovered primate species.Please protect these precious Popa langur from extinction and the vile and evil lowlife nonhuman species.
    Always the vile and evil nonhuman species torturing and murdering our precious Wildlife purely for their GREED and the thrill of torturing and murdering our precious and defenceless Wildlife.
    It is about time that the lowlife animal and wildlife torturing and murdering nonhuman species was eradicated from the planet.

  14. What a dreadful species the human race is. The sooner we’re extinct, the better.

  15. Justin Recht says:

    Agree with writer Karin!

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