Remove Andrew Jackson’s Face from Twenty Dollar Bills

Target: Neal Wolin, Acting Secretary of U.S. Department of the Treasury

Goal: Replace Andrew Jackson with a more humane historical figure on the front of twenty dollar bills.

Billions of U.S. twenty dollar bills are in circulation, all depicting the face of a man who is a stark reminder of America’s violent and racist past. Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, supported removing Native American Indians off their land and sending them to reservations in the unsettled west. Their journey was treacherous and for many deadly. With America’s embarrassing history of racism, violence and oppression, it seems it might be time to acknowledge more of our humane leaders. One way to do this would be to ask Neal Wolin to remove the face of a man who is responsible for the ethnic cleansing of several Native American tribes, and replace it with someone who has helped people rather than oppress them.

The combination of finding gold on some of the land occupied by Native Americans with white settlers wanting as much land as possible to exploit and profit off of is what led Andrew Jackson to sign the Indian Removal Act in 1830. The act ignored the rights laid out in treaties between the United States and Native American Indians and forced natives off their land. The signing of the Indian Removal Act began the Trail of Tears, when thousands of Native Americans were forced to leave their homelands in the south and travel, sometimes by foot, to what is now Oklahoma. White settlers never thought America would expand that far west, and so they felt the natives would be far enough out of their way. Probably high on power, U.S. soldiers wouldn’t permit the natives to take extra clothing, food or blankets for their long trip. Consequently, the trip killed thousands of Native Americans by exposing them to freezing weather, malnutrition, starvation, pneumonia and several other diseases.

It stands to reason that the historical oppression of Native American Indians set the tone for the present day oppression they are still experiencing. Present day Native American Indians suffer emotional and psychological trauma, inadequate and below standard housing, lack of food and heat, alcoholism and drug addiction (most likely due to hopeless imposed living conditions), and high rates of poverty-related diseases. They lease large parts of their reservation land to white ranchers and are only paid a fraction of their value. And instead of being offered resources to help them gain autonomy, they are given small welfare payments or poor quality, mass-produced commodity food items with little to no nutritional value.

If history were honestly taught in schools, most Americans would be shocked that Andrew Jackson was chosen as the face of the twenty dollar bill. Continuing to allow his portrait to remain there is a way of showing acceptance for his ignorant, racist acts. It is a slap in the face to the little discussed indigenous people of this country that a president whose policies were responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Indian tribes would be on the face of one of our bills.  We need to ask the U.S. Department of the Treasury to choose leaders that have brought about positive changes to our country on our currency, not ones who greedily and mercilessly allowed thousands of indigenous people to die.


Dear Neal Wolin,

Every time someone in America uses an ATM, they’re greeted with bills bearing the face of a man who used his power to kill thousands of Native Americans and forced many thousands more to leave their homes. Andrew Jackson is certainly not someone Americans need to be reminded of every day.

America’s history is full of leaders who fought hard and peacefully to help make this a country that is truly free for people of all ethnic backgrounds. Andrew Jackson isn’t one of them. With America’s historical (and current) reputation for being racist, violent and oppressive, it would certainly help our image if we replaced the face of a man responsible for the deaths of thousands of Native Americans, with one of someone who truly fought for freedom. We urge you to replace the face of Andrew Jackson on twenty dollar bills with the face of a more humane leader.


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  1. It was bad enough being taught that Columbus was a hero. This guy was pro genocide of my ancestors. This petition is the first time someone besides me has said he was NO hero.

    • Hardly anyone in this country knows history. It’s understandable why it wouldn’t be taught in schools considering how embarrassing America’s is. But it’s still a shame… it’s more challenging to work on a better future when we’re not truly in touch with our past.

  2. The destruction of Fort Negro.

  3. The destruction of Fort Negro and the murder of hundreds of freedom seeking blacks people. Illegally invading Florida. During Seminole wars he slaughtered native women and children while the husbands were away fighting. Sold and traded enslaved Africans.

  4. Why don’t all of you whining liberal losers go some place where you can live life in the prehistoric ways of your noble ancestors? You know, where women are regularly beaten into submission and might always makes right. Stop trying to regress this great nation into a pre-civilized nightmare!

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